Uma Maheswaram temple

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Uma Maheswaram temple

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Uma Maheswaram described as north gate of Srisailam in Skandapuranam. Lord Uma Maheswaraswamy present here along with his consort Umadevi. Lord Shiva present here in a naturally formed cave. A continuous water flow coming from hill rocks, will fall on the temple.
How to reach :
1.Uma Maheswaram is very nearer(10-12 km) to Achampet, Mahaboobnagar district. We have to go Achampet first, then Rangapur and from there Umamaheswaram. Autos will be avaailable from Achampet or from Rangapur.
2. Uma Maheswaram is also nearer to Munnanur(15 km). When we are coming from Srisailam, we have to get down at Munnanur from there pick a auto to reach Uma Maheswaram.
3. Uma Maheswaram present on hill, there is no village near temple. But Rooms are available to stay for families. If any body go singly, he had to stay in Temple hall.
Uma Maheswaram temple

Papanasanam teertham

Steps route, Anjaneyaswamy temple

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Importance of Temple:
Lord Umamaheswara swamy is a swayabhu lingam. Lord Srirama visited this place when doing Parikrama to Srisaila parvatam. This place is also described as Kubera sthanam.
Goddess Uma devi present in left side of Lord Shiva. Mahishamardini idol present in right side of Lord Shiva. Lord Ganesh and Lord Ayyappa also present in the main temple.
Temples of Lord Veerabhadra swamy and Lord Janardhanaswamy also present in the way to Papavinasanam. Nagaraju idol also present in the way to papavinasanam.
Papavinasanam is a continuous water flow coming from hill rocks. There is a small pit where coming water stored which makes us easy to take the holy water with mugs. we can do a holy bath in this sacred place.

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1 Sculpture on Temple entrance.JPG
Lord Shiva and Maa Parvathi on Nandi Vahana
2 Umamaheswara temple.JPG
Umamaheswaram temple outer view
3 Temple interior.JPG
Sanctum Sanctorum
6 A place above Lord Shiva temple.JPG
Uma Maheswaram hill
7 Water coming from Hill rock.JPG
Uma Maheswaram hill
8 Water coming from Hill rock 2.JPG
Uma Maheswaram hill
9 Lord Janardhanaswamy.JPG
Lord Janardhanaswamy
10 Papavinasanam.JPG
Papanasana teertham
4 Lord Umamaheswara swamy.jpg
Lord Uma Maheswara swamy
5 Umadevi.jpg
Maa Umadevi
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