Haridwar map

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Haridwar map

Postby Siva on Sun Mar 29, 2009 7:07 pm

Haridwar map showing all important temples, ghats and tourist attractions. This extensive map is also useful for the visitors of Kumbha mela.
It is one the seven Sapta Moksha puras. It is described as Mayavati in Puranas.

Har ki pauri / Hari ki pauri
Also called as Brahmakund. This ghat was constructed by King Vikramaditya in the memory of his brother Bartrihari. Ganga arti will be conducted here in every evening.

Chandi devi temple
This is on Eastern side of Ganga on a hill called Neel parvata. Chandi devi kílled Chanda and Munda here, hence the name Chandi devi / Chamunda devi. We can reach here by roap way.

Manasa devi temple
Manasa devi mandir is on top of Bilwa parvata. Manasa devi is the daughter of Lord Shiva, and she protects Nagas [snakes] at the time of Naga yagna conducted by Janamejeya.

Maya devi temple
Maya devi is the main diety of Haridwar. It is very impotant Shakti temple in Haridwar, heart and navel of Goddess said tobe fallen here.

Daksha prajapati temple
Iti is in Kankhal town. Daksha prajapathi performs Yagna here without inviting Lord Shiva, and also insulted Lord Shiva. For that, his daughter Sati mata bųrnt herself here. Then Lord Veerabhadra kílled Daksha, after that Lord shiva gave life to Daksha prajapathi with goats head.

Bhimgoda barrage / Bhimgoda tank
Bhima created this tank by hittng earth with his knee, when Pandavas visit Himalayas. This is the first bridge in this area. Nowadays many birds are coming to this area in winter season [migration], hence the name Neel dhara pakshi vihar.

Saptarshi ashram
Saptarshis are worshippng here and Holy Ganges passes through them in 7 parts without disturbing them.It is also called as Sapta sarovar.

Bilkeshwar mahadev temple

Haridwar railway station

Ganga temple

Swami Vivekananda park
Lord Shiva statue is present here.

Vyas ashram

Sri Ganga swaroop ashram

Prem prakash ashram

Chetanajyoti ashram

Vivek ashram

Vishnoo ashram

Nirdhan niketan ashram

Jairam ashram

Keshav ashram

Harihar ashram
Famous parda shivaling is present here. It weighs about 150kgs, Rudraksha tree is also presnt here.

Mata Anandamayi ashram

Shri prem nagar ashram

Shankar ashram

Ramakrishna mission sevashram
A charity hospital is running here, started by Swami Vivekananda.

Divya yoga mandir
Ashram of Ramdev Baba.

Bharat mata mandir
The temple of Bharat mata, showing stories related to India from the time of Ramayana to Independence.

Maa Sureshwari devi temple
It is in the middle of Rajaji National park.

Doodhadhari Burfani temple
Beautiful temple complex of Haridwar.

Shanti kunj ashram

Rajarajeswari ghat
It is built under supervision of Sri Rajarajeswari mata in seven days. Pancha pallavas present here, a combination five tree variety trees.

Khanna nagars ghat

Viswakarmas ghat

Gambeer ghat

Sati ghat
Til Bhandeswar mahadev mandir is presnt here.

Smashan ghat

Kumbh mela Ground area
It is in between parts of Ganga river, near Sati ghat.

Asthi Parwah Ghat
This is present near Ganga temple.

Subhash ghat
It is present near Har ki Pauri

Gau ghat
It is present opposite to Subhash ghat

All markers were placed at most possible zoom level. You can always suggest better marking to improve map.
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Various Ashramas present in Haridwar
Vyas ashramSri Ganga swaroop ashramPrem prakash ashramChetanajyoti ashram
Vivek ashramVishnu ashramNirdhan niketan ashramJairam ashram
Keshav ashramHarihar ashramMata Anandamayi ashramShri prem nagar ashram
Shankar ashramRamkrishna mission sevashramDivya yoga mandirShanti kunj

Different Ghats present in Haridwar to take Holy bath at the time of Kumbh mela
Rajarajeshwari ghatKhanna nagars ghatViswakarmas ghatGambeer ghat
Sati ghatSmashan ghatKumbhmela areaAsthi parwah ghat
Subhash ghatGau ghat
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Haridwar Kumbh mela 2010

Postby Siva on Mon Oct 12, 2009 2:09 pm

Haridwar Kumbh mela 2010, is a great Indian festival, where we can see a gathering of so many devotees at one place. Lakhs of people will come daily from different areas to Haridwar and take a holy bath in the river Ganges. This is the opportunity to see the diversity of spirituality in India. This festival will come for every 12 years in Haridwar.

Kumbh mela will be conducted in four diferent places in India. They are
1. Haridwar
2. Prayaga
3. Ujjaini
4. Nashik

I have seen Ujjain kumbhmela. That was a wonderful experience to me. In that occasion i have seen so many devotees of different kinds. We will certainly get inspiration from them. All the sadhus will settle as Akhadas / Akharas. ie. Shakti akhada (Devotees of Shakti), Shaiva Akhada (Devotees of Shiva) etc. Naga sadhus are the attracting persons of the occasion. They will not wear any cloths to cover their body. They will wear Bhasma on their body. I have seen some sadhus who are doing Tapas by standing on only one leg continuously, raising their hands continuously for 3 years, 6 years or 12 years based their capacity.
But we should take care regarding Lodging and boarding. If possible it is better to book the room before going to that place. I suffer for that reason, and spent two day without room. Take care about the food. We should not suffer in health aspect, then only we can enjoy the occasion and get benefits from that.
The Kumbh mela festival is commencing from January 14th 2010, Makara sankranti. Taking holy bath in the river Ganges at that time will surely give results.

Delhi Haridwar route

Postby Admin on Tue Nov 17, 2009 9:17 pm

See this map to get a clear view of route map from Delhi to Haridwar. This will be very much useful for those interested in taking a ride by a car.
Delhi to Haridwar Road map

Haridwar Kumbhmela ghats

Postby Siva on Sat Nov 28, 2009 11:53 pm

Above Haridwar map is updated with markers of Kumbh mela bathing ghats. Har ki pauri is the main bathing ghat in Haridwar. Inspite of this there are about ten ghats present to take holy dip in river Ganges. They are,

  1. Har ki pauri
  2. Rajarajeshwari ghat
  3. Khanna nagars ghat
  4. Viswakarmas ghat
  5. Gambeer ghat
  6. Sati ghat
  7. Smashan ghat
  8. Kumbhmela area
  9. Asthi parwah ghat
  10. Subhash ghat
  11. Gau ghat

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