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Shirdi map

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Shidi sai baba mandir
Sri Shirdi Saibaba samadhi is present here.

Sai Baba is used to sit here under a Neem tree.

Dwaraka mayi
This is the place where Shirdi Saibaba lived in his life. The name Dwaraka mayi was coined by Sai baba to a mosque.

Sai baba used to sleep here on every alternate days.

Lendi Baug
This is a park which was planted and visited by Sai Baba every day.

Sai baba devasthanam giving food at cheap rates in this place.

Khandoba temple
This is the old temple of Shirdi. Khandoba is a form of Lord Shiva.

Shirdi Bus Stand
Near Khanoba mandir

Sainagar Shirdi
Nearest Railway station to Shirdi

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How to reach Shirdi :

Shirdi is a world famous pilgrim center in India. Sai Baba is attracting so many devotees to Shirdi. Sai Baba lived in this small vilage till the last breath. This village is near Kopergoan, Ahmednagar district, Maharastra. Number of Buses will come daily to Shirdi through road route. Shirdi is present beside State Highway 10. Shirdi Bus stand is present near Khandoba mandir, which is at a walkable distance from the main temple.
Nearest Railway station: Sainagar Railway station near shirdi, A free transportation facility is present from Railway station to Shirdi, maintained by Devasthanam. Other near Railway stations are Manmad Railway station (80 km distance)and Nashik Railway station (100 km distance).
Nearest Air ports are located at Nashik and Mumbai (About 250 km distance).

Shiridi Sightseeing :

Sai Baba mandir : This is the main temple to see in Shirdi. Baba samadhi is present here. The temple is so simple and looks same as your local Sai Baba temple of your town. A beautiful white colored marble idol of Sai Baba is present behind Samadhi. This temple was built in the time of Sai Baba. One day Bapu Saheb Butti and Madhavarao had a vision to built a wada along with a temple. Immediately he prepared a plan and showed it to Sai Baba. The plan was accepted by the Baba and came in to realty. Baba showed very much interest in its construction and gave so many suggestions at the time of construction. He daily observed it while he was going to Lendi everyday. After completion of temple construction, Butti thought that to keep Muralidhar idol in the temple. But suddenly Baba became seriously ill and breathed his last. And Baba said to keep him in that temple in his last words. So that Baba samadhi was placed in that mandir.

Gurusthan : When Baba came to Shirdi, He was looking like a young boy and used to sit daily under a Neem tree. He was looking like a Brahma Gnani, and all the villagers became curious about him. One day Khandoba (Local deity) came in to some villagers and said that to dug a place. People did that and surprised to see a small room in that place with four lights in deepams, Japa mala, Asana and Go mukhi. Khandoba said that this boy did tapasya here for 12 years. After that Sai Baba said that "this is my Gurusthan and close that room". From that time onwards that place was called as Gurusthan.

Dwaraka Mayi : Dwaraka Mayi is the place where Sai Baba lived through out his life. This is actually an old Mosque in the time of Sai Baba. Baba named this Mosque as dwaraka mayi. He gave blessings to number of devotees from this place. He even lightened so many Deepams in Dwaraka mayi, with water (When people refused to give oil to him). Dhuni is present in this mandir. This was continuously bųrning from the time of Baba. Baba described this Dhuni as his mother. He gave udi (Ashes of Dhuni) to so many devotees as Prasadam.

Chavadi : Chavadi is the next important place in Shirdi. Baba slept here every alternate days. Now here is a museum showing some articles used by Sai Baba. Every Thursday a palakhi and Baba's photo will come to Chavadi from Mandir. This occasion is famous as Chavadi Utsav.

Lendi Baug : This park was visited by Sai Baba every day. Baba dug a well here and used that water to grow plants in that park. A continuous light "Nanda deep" present in this place from the time of Baba.

Khandoba mandir : Khandoba temple is another important place to see in Shirdi. Khandoba is a form of Lord shiva. He first confirmed the greatness of Sai Baba. Mahalsapati was a priest of this temple. For the first time he saw Baba as a Phakhir coming down from a cart, and invited him calling "Avo Sai" (come Sai) . That name was fixed to Baba and later became popular. This temple is in the entrance of Shirdi village.

Prasadalay : This is a new complex built by Devasthanam to offer food (Prasad) to pilgrims in cheap rates. This is just beside the main temple.
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