Pithapuram map

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Pithapuram map

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Pada Gaya Sarovaram
It is present beside Kukkuteswara swami temple.

Kukkuteswara swami temple
Locally called as old temple of Lord Shiva.

Puruhutika mata temple
One of the 18 Shaktipeethas

Dattatreya swami temple
The temple is within the campus of Kukkutesawra swami temple.

Kunti Madhava swami temple
Temple of Lord Vishnu.

Madhava swami tank

Pithapuram Railway station

Pithapuram Bus stand
It is present in the center of the town.

Pithapuram fort
It is an old fort of Pithapuram king.

Anagha Dattatreya Kshetram
This temple was organized by Sri Ganapati Sacchidananda swami.

Nukalamma temple
A local deity of Pithapuram

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Pada GayaKukkuteswara swami templePuruhutika mata templeDattatreya swami temple
Kunti Madhava swami templeMadhava swami tankPithapuram Railway stationPithapuram Bus stand
Pithapuram fortAnagha Dattatreya kshetramNukalamma temple

Pithapuram has so many importances. It is one of the 18 Shakti peethas, one of the Pancha Madhava kshetras, Birth place of Sri Pada Vallabha Swami and also has temple of Kukkuteswara swami.

How to reach Pithapuram : Pithapuram is present in the East-Godavari district of Andhra pradesh near Kakinada.
Nearest Busstation: Pithapuram
Nearest Railway station: Pithapuram, Kakinada
Nearest Airport: Kakinada, Rajahmundry, Visakhapatnam

Kukkuteswara swami temple :Lord Shiva is in the form of Cock, Hence the name KuKuteswar swami. The temple is present beside national Highway 214, and we can see the temple from the bus also. It is present in the outskirts of Pithapuram village.

Puruhutika temple : Puruhutika mata is one of the 18 Shakti peethas.This temple is very small but beautiful with the sculptures of 18 Shaktipeethas. It is present in the left side corner of Lord KuKkuteswara swami temple.

Dattatreya swami temple : This temple is also present in Kukkuteswara swami temple right side corner. We can sleep here with prior permission from Devasthanam. Pithapuram is the birth place of Sri Pada Vallabha swami (First incarnation of Guru Dattatreya swami). There are so many Dattatreya temples present in Pithapuram, but don't get confused, the main temple is in the campus of Kukkuteswar swami temple.

Pada Gaya Sarovaram : Pada Gaya pond is present in front of the main temple. This is a very holy place to do Sraddha karma. we can take a holy bath in this pond.

Kunthi Madhava swamy temple : Kunthi Madhava swami is one of Pancha madhava kshetras. It is present about 1 km distance from main temple. The temple is very old and we can see Lord in standing position.

Anagha Dattareya Kshetram : This new temple was maintained by Sri Ganapathi Sacchidananda swami, and the temple looks very beautiful.

Nookalamma temple : This temple is present in the center of Pithapuram. Nukalamma is a local goddess who protects the village, Pithapuram.

A fort is also present in Pithapuram, It gives great satisfaction for Historical enthusiasts.
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