Orissa Jajpur map

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Orissa Jajpur map

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Siddheshwar temple
Jajpur district > Orissa
It is one of the oldest temple of Lord Shiva in Jajpur district.

Kilateswar temple
Near Byasnagar > Jajpur district > Orissa
The temple is present beside Kalindi rver. every year on Phalguna krishna Chaturdasi two day festival will be conducted here (Jagar Jatara)

Kalindi river
Near Byasanagar > Jajpur district > Orissa
This is a small pond near Kilateswar temple.

Mangala temple
Near Byasnagar > Jajpur district > Orissa
Kuanasa Mangala maa is in the form of Ashtabhuja devi peetha. Every year on the occasion of Maha Vishuba Sankranti (Pana sankaranti or Mesha sankaranti) a festival will be conducted here.

Kuansa pond
A holy pond near Mangala maa temple.

Jagannadha temple
Katikata > Near Byasnagar > Jajpur district > Orissa
This temple is on the bank of Vaitarini river.

Jagannatha temple
Byasnagar > Jajpur district > Orissa
In this temple complex Laxmi Mandir, Santosima Mandir, Jama Maa Mandir, Ganesh Mandir, Baitarani Mandir are also present.

Kusumaa Sarovar
Byasnagar > Jajpur district > Orissa
This is a big pond in Jajpur town.

Ram mandir
Byasnagar > Jajpur district > Orissa[
This temple is near Kusuma sarovar in Jajpur town.

Brahma kund
This is a holy pond near Biraja maa temple, Brahma did Yagna here. This place is called as Nabhi Gaya.

Biraja devi temple
Near Byasnagar > Jajpur district > Orissa
Odhyane Girija devi is one of the 18 Shaktipeethas . Biraja maa / Girija mata temple is the major attraction of Jajpur district.

Baleswar mandir
Near Byasnagar > Jajpur district > Orissa
On the bank of Vatarini river.

Baruneswar mandir
Near Byasnagar > Jajpur district > Orissa

Believed as the first place of Viraja mata. According to an ancient tale King Yayati brought from Kalaspur.

Mahavinayak temple
Chandikhol > Jajpur District > Orissa
This is a famous temple of Lord Vinayaka. Here Five gods [Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Lord Ganesh, Lord Sun, Goddess Durga] are pesent around a single stone resembling Panchayatana puja. This temple is on a hill.

NH-5 junction


Vaitarini river

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Siddheswar templeKilateswar templeKalindi riverMangala temple
Kuansa pondJagannadha templeJagannatha mandirKusumaa Sarovar
Ram mandirBrahma kundBiraja devi templeBaleswar temple
Baruneswar mandirKalaspurMahavinayak templeNH-5 junction
KabirpurVaitarini river

How to reach Jajpur:
Jajpur is a district capital and a major city in Orissa. Vaitarini river is passing beside this. Jajpur, Byasangar and Sukhpur are three parts of combined Jajpur city. It is about 120km distance from Bhuvaneswar, 27km from Keonjhar. Jajpur is well connected by Road and Railway route. There are many direct buses starting from various places in Orissa. National Highway 5 is also passing nearer by Jajpur. From the NH-5 junction, we have to branch and go to Kabirpur, then to Jajpur. If we want to reach through Railway route, We have to stop at Keonjhar Road Railway station and from there travel in Bus or Taxi.

Nearest Bus Stand : Jajpur Bus stand
Nearest Railway Station : Keonjhar Road Railway station
Nearest Airports : Bhubaneswar

Important places to see in Jajpur :

Biraja maa temple : Biraja maa / Girija devi temple is about 2 km distance from Jajpur busstand on the road to Binjapur. Brahma Kund (A holy place where Brahma did Yagna) is also present near temple.
Jagannadh temple : This temple complex is present on the bank of Vaitarini river. This temple is present on the other side of jajpur town.
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