Delhi Haridwar trip

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Delhi Haridwar trip

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New Delhi Railway station

Lala Hardev Sahay marg
Junction of NH 24 and Qutab road

Yamuna river

Here NH 58 starts from NH 24 (Grand trunk road)


Meerut Bypass road
Here Delhi Road joins with NH 58

Meerut Bypass end
Joins with Roorkee Road at Pallavpuram

Junction of NH 58 and SH 12



Junction of NH 58 and NH 73

From here the journey will be beside Ganga river

Just before reaching Haridwar this town will come

Kumbh mela Ground area
It is in between parts of Ganga river, near Sati ghat.

Ganga river

Haridwar railway station

Maya devi temple
Maya devi is the main diety of Haridwar. It is very impotant Shakti temple in Haridwar, heart and navel of Goddess said tobe fallen here.

Manasa devi temple
Manasa devi mandir is on top of Bilwa parvata. Manasa devi is the daughter of Lord Shiva, and she protects Nagas [snakes] at the time of Naga yagna conducted by Janamejeya.

Chandi devi temple
This is on Eastern side of Ganga on a hill called Neel parvata. Chandi devi kílled Chanda and Munda here, hence the name Chandi devi / Chamunda devi. We can reach here by roap way.

Har ki pauri / Hari ki pauri
Also called as Brahmakund. This ghat was constructed by King Vikramaditya in the memory of his brother Bartrihari. Ganga arti will be conducted here in every evening.

It is one the seven Sapta Moksha puras. It is described as Mayavati in Puranas.


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Delhi to Haridwar distance & road map

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Delhi to Haridwar tour is a famous North India Tour. Haridwar is one of the Spiritual places in India. So many pilgrims wish to visit Haridwar, as it is one of the Shakti peeth, one of the Sapta Moksha puras and one of the four Kumbhmela places. Haridwar tour starts at New Delhi. There are many tour packages present to cover Delhi to Haridwar tour. But if you want to go through a private Taxi, this road map will be useful.

Distance between Delhi to Haridwar is approximately 220 kms. Rishikesh is another 16 kms far from Haridwar.

Delhi Haridwar road map

New Delhi Railway station : This is one of the largest railway stations in India. From here we should go through Qutuba road. This road will join in Grand trunk road

Lala Haradev Sahai marg : Grand trunk road will join in NH 24 at Lala Haradev sahai marg.

Yamuna river : When we are passing on Lala Haradev Sahai marg we will cross Yamuna river.

Ghaziabad : Approximately after 27 kms we will reach Ghaziabad.

Modinagar : At Ghaziabad we should leave NH 24 (Grand trunk road) and take diversion into NH 58. Modinagar will come after 27 kms.

Meerut Bypass road : After 15 minutes journey we will reach Meerut Bypass road. From there we can Bypass Meerut city with out entering into it. Delhi road coming from Meerut will merge here. After another 15 minutes journey we will reach Pallavapuram. This is the ending of Meerut Bypass road. Roorkee road coming from Meerut will join NH 58 here.

Muzaffarnagar : After 47 kms from Pallavapuram we will reach Muzaffarnagar. Here SH12 will merge with NH 58

Pukaji : Pukaji will come after 27 kms distance from Muzaffarnagar.

Manglaur : After 17 km distance from Pukaji we will reach Manglaur. This is the entrance of Uttarakhand state.

Roorkee : Roorkee is about 11 km distant from Manglaur. NH 73 will merge in NH 58 here.

Bahadarabad : Bahadarabad will come after 12 km distance from Roorkee. This town is present beside a tributary of Ganga river. The journey from here will be beside Ganga river.

Jwalapur : Jwalapur will come after crossing Ganga river at Sitapur (7 km distance)

Haridwar : Haridwar will come after a jouney of 8 km distance from Jwalapur.

Rishikesh : Rishikesh is about 16 km distance from Haridwar.

These are all the major land marks that will come across in the journey from Delhi to Haridwar.
There are so many holy places to see in Haridwar. Many Ashrams are also present. Some of the important temples and places in Haridwar are

1. Maya devi temple : An important Shakti temple on the bank of Ganga river.
2. Manasa devi temple : This temple is on the top of a hill called Bilwaparvata. It is a Shaktipeeth.
3. Chandi devi temple : This is present in another side of Ganga river (opposite to Haridwar town)
4. Har ki Pauri : This is also called as Brahmakund. Ganga arathi will be conducted here in every evening.
5. Kumbhmela zone : For every 12 years Kumbhmela will be conducted here. In the middle ie. after six years of Kumbhmela, Ardh kumbhmela will be conducted

Here is a map covering all important temples and Ashrams in Haridwar.

Re: Delhi Haridwar trip

Postby ramkmrt1 on Wed Nov 28, 2012 8:26 pm

Haridwar is one of the best holy place for visitors and every year thousands of tourist go to this place. Ganga river is one the big attraction part of this place. Every one who visit this place really like to bath in this holy river.

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