Amarkantak map

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Amarkantak map

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Amarkantak tourist map covering all important pilgrimage spots.
Amareshwar/ Amarnath Shiv mandir.

Koti tirth/ Narmada udgam
Crores of Rudras are present in this Koti tirth, thus called Amarkantak, Maha Rudra Meru. Out of all other kshetras, Puranas awarded this status to only Varanasi.

Kabir Chabutra is about 3 miles towards Sowth-west from Koti tirth, through Mundamaharanya

Kapildhara is 4 miles away from Koti tirth. Dudhdhara, Nilganga and Daitya sudan are also nearby.

Pushkar sarovar

Jvaleshwar is 4 miles from Koti tirth, towards North. It is the source of river Jvala. The Loha puram of Tripurasuras fell here, after being bųrnt by lord Shiva

Jwala river Origin

Jwala river

Ma ki Bagicha is 1 mile towards east of Koti tirth. Gulbakavali trees are present here, herbal medicine for eye illness.

Sonmuda is about 1 and 1/2 miles from Koti tirth, in South-east direction, Sone river origin

Sonakshi Temple

Bhdra river origin

Markandey ashram temples

Holy pond near Markandeya Ashram

Old Hanuman temple, Markandeya Ashram

Markandeya maharshi did tapasya here

Sri yantra mandir

Suraj kund

Pataleshwar mahadev

Maikala hill Lord Shiva meditated on this hill and gave birth to Narmada river from his sweat

Durga dhara

Sarvodaya Jain temple

new Amarnath temple

All markers were placed at most possible zoom level. You can always suggest better marking to improve map.

Amareshwar Shiv mandirNarmada udgam templeKabir ChabutraKapildhara
JwaleshwarMai ki BagiyaSone mudaMarkandey ashram
Sri yantra mandirSuraj kundPataleshwar mahadevMaikala hill
Durga dharaMarkandeya tapobhumiOld Hanuman templeHoly pond
Pushkar sarovarBhdra river originSonakshi TempleJwala river Origin
Jwala riverSarvodaya Jain templeKabir Chabutranew Amarnath temple

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