Srisailam darshan

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Srisailam darshan

Postby Srihari on Thu Oct 16, 2008 9:36 pm

Srisailam is known as Siddhi kshetra. There is a Jyotirlinga and a Shakti peetha at Srisailam. It is considered by the ancient Indians as the point of reference to locate any place in the world (In the Sankalpa mantras).

Kedarasthodakam peetwa, Varanasyam mritastatha /
Srisaila sikharam drishtwa, Punarjanma na vidyate /

How to reach Srisailam? :

It is located in the Nallamala hills in a deep forest.

Nerest Bus station: Srisailam.
Nearest Railway stations: Markapur road, Ongole, Nandyala.
Nearest Air ports: Tirupati, Vijayawada.

Srisailam topics :

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Srisailam map

Postby Siva on Sat Oct 18, 2008 3:06 pm

All Important temples and sightseeing places near Srisailam:
Mallikarjuna swamy temple:
Just 200metres away from busstand

Bramarambhadevi temple:
In the camus of main temple [just behind and above the Mallikarjuna swamy temple]

Bayalu Veera Bhadra Swamy
Kshetra palaka of Srisaila Kshetram

Ankalamma Alayam
Ankalamm is grama devatha of Srisailam

Pathaleshwara Swamy
Near Steps route to Pathala Ganga

Pancha mathalu:
five mathas near srisailam just 1km away from main temple

Sivaji Memorial
A building Showing life history of Chatrapathi sivaji

Siddhi Ramappa Kolanu
Lord Mallikarjuna Swamy saves the life of Siddhi Ramappa here.

Pathala ganga:
People take holy bath here [one can reach it through steps or by using ropeway]

Srisailam dam:
Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy Srisailam Project[one of the big projects on Krishna river]

Pathalaganga near dam:
It is in Hyderabad route[17kms away from Srisailam , bus facility is available to reach it]

Sakshi Ganapathi:
Just 2kms away from Sri sailam

Phaladhara & Panchadhara:
Just 4kms away from Srisailam[Adi Shankaracharya did tapasya here]

Just 4kms away from Srisailam and opposite to Phaladhara & Pachadahara

9km away from Srisailam

13kms away from Srisailam

Istha Kamakshi:
25kms away from Srisailam in the dep forest

Mallamma Kanniru:
2kms away from Srisailam

Akkamahadevi Caves:
Akkamahadevi is a great devotee of Lord Mallikarjuna and she did Tapasya here [Boat facility is available to see this place and it is maintaining by A.P.Tourism]

Holy place in Srisailam, but so deep in forest

Datta padukalu
The holy place where Nrisimha sarswaathi, second incarnation of Lord Dattatreya, did Tapasya and gone into Nirvikalpa samadhi

Gupta Mallikrjunam:
One of the holy place in Srisailam

A spiritually power full Waterfall in Srisailam forest. Often called Seleswaram / Saleswaram by local people.
Every year Jatara will be conducted on Chaitra Pournami.

Bramarambha Cheruvu:
Previously people used to stay here while coming to Srisailam from Telanganna when Bus facility is Not available

People used to stay here while coming to srisailam on foot

Bhimunu kolanu
It is second halting place of pilgrims, while coming to Srisailam on foot.

Kailasa dwaram
It is the third halting place of piligrims, while coming to Srisailam on foot

Maata Manikyeswari ashramam:
This is the place where Mata Manikyeswari devi, a great Veera Shaiva devotee, did her penance. She taught Shiva bhakti & Ahimsa.

Purnananda swami ashramam:
Purnanda swamy is a great Saint. He lived near Hatakeswaram and built a temple of Bhuvaneswari devi at Sundi penta.

Lord veerabhadra temple

West gateway Of Srisailam

East gateway of Srisailam

Uma maheswaram:
North gateway of Srisailam

South gateway Of Srisailam

South-East gate way of Srisailam

North-West gateway of Sisailam

South-West gateway of Srisailam

North-East gateway of Srisailam

Papanasini near Umamaheswaram

All markers were placed at most possible zoom level. You can always suggest better marking to improve map.
Mallikarjuna Swamy templeBramarambha devi templePancha mathaluPathala ganga
Sri sailam damPathala ganga near damSakshi GanapathiPhaladhara & Panchadhara
HatakeswaramSikharamBhairavaselaIstha Kamakshi
Mallamma KanniruAkkamahadevi CavesKadali vanamDatta padukalu
SarvesvaramBramaramba cheruvuPedda cheruvuNagaluti
AlampurTripurantakamUma maheswaramSiddhavatam
Bayalu Veera Bhadra SwamyAnkalamma AlayamPathaleshwara SwamySivaji memorial
Siddhi Ramappa KolanuBhimuni kolanuKailasa dwaramPapanasini
Gupta MallikarjunamMata Manikyeswari ashramamPurnananda swamy ashramam
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Dwaras of Srisailam

Postby Srihari on Wed Oct 22, 2008 10:43 am

Srisailam is termed as Krouncha giri in Shiva purana
Skanda purana tells that it is Maha kshetra with four Kshetras as Dwaras [Gate ways] and another two Kshetras as Upa dwaras.

Four main Dwaras of Srisailam:
1.East: Tripurantaka(Prakasam district)- It is a Shakti peetha.
2.South: Siddha vata(Kadapa district)
3.West: Alampura(Mahaboob nagar district)- It is a Shakti peetha.
4.North: Uma maheswara(Mahaboob Nagar district)

Two Upa dwaras:
5.South-East: Skanda someswara
6.South-West: Kapoteswara

There is another well known list of Upa dwaras:
5.South-East: Skanda someswara
6.South-West: Pushpa giri
7.North-East: Eleswara
8.North-West: Sangameswara

Places to see in Srisailam

Postby Siva on Wed Nov 19, 2008 9:12 pm

Distances of all tourist attractions from Srisailam temple

  1. Sikharam : 8K.M
  2. Hathakeshwaram : 4K.M
  3. Phaladhara & Panchadhara : 4K.M
  4. Kailasa dwaram : 7K.M
  5. Bhimuni Kolanu : 10K.M
  6. Sakshi Ganapathi : 3K.M
  7. Srisailam Dam : 15K.M
  8. Istha Kameswari : 21K.M
  9. Pathaleshwara Swami : 1K.M
  10. Ankalamma Temple : 0.5K.M
  11. Bayalu Veerabhadra swami : 1/2K.M
  12. Pancha Mathalu : Towards West of Sri Bhramaramba devi temple
  13. Mallamma kanniru : 1K.M
  14. Sivaji memorial : 0.5K.M
  15. Siddhi Ramappa Kolanu : 0.5K.M
  16. Ganga Bhavani bathing ghats : 0.5K.M
  17. Pathala Ganga : 2K.M
  18. Akka mahadevi caves : 12K.M
  19. Kadali vanam : 17K.M
  20. Bhairava sela : 13K.M
To know more information about these places please see Srisailam tour aricle

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