Arunachalam map, Arunachalam pradakshina route

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Arunachalam map, Arunachalam pradakshina route

Postby Siva on Mon Feb 28, 2011 3:54 pm

Map showing important temples and ashrams in Arunachalam and in Arunachala Girivalam
Agni Lingam
One of the Panchabhuta lingas present in Tamilnadu.
Tiruvannamalai, Tamilnadu

Annamaliyar sannidhi
It is in main campus of Arunachaleswara temple

Lord Kartikeya swamy temple
It is in main campus of Arunachaleswara temple

Lord Subramanya swamy temple on a small hill.

Durga temple

Bhuthanarayana temple

Kamakshi mata temple

Mahamari amman temple

Ramana Maharshi Ashram
Present near Arunachalam hill.

Seshadri swamigai ashramam
Near Ramana Ashramam

Nanagaru ashramam

Athithi ashramam

Thiruvannamalai railway station

Thiruvannamalai bus stand

On every karthika pournami karthika deepam will be enlighted here.

Virupaksha cave
Ramana maharshi did tapasya here.

Skhanda Ashramam
Ramana maharshi stayed here for seven years.

Indra lingam
Preset in East side of Arunacahalam hill.

Agni lingam
Present in South East side of Arunachalam hill.
Near Ramana Ashramam.

Agni theertham

Yama lingam
Present in South side of Arunachalam hill.

Nirruthi lingam
Present in South West side of Arunachalam hill.

Thiruneru annamalai temple

Kannappa temple

Surya lingam

Varuna lingam
Present in West side of Arunachalam hill.

Adi Annamali temple
It is present in Arunachalam hill Parikrama marg.

Vayu lingam
Present in Norh West side of Arunachalam hill.

Lopamudra mata and Agasthya maharshi temple

Kubera lingam
Presen in North side of Arunachalam hill.

Iddukku pillayar koil

Panchamugam temple

Pachia amman temple
Local people kula devata.

Eesanya lingam
Present in Norh East side of Arunachalam hill.

Girivalam road
Arunachalam pradakshinam

All markers were placed at most possible zoom level. You can always suggest better marking to improve map.
Arunachalam Map :
Arunachaleswara templeAnnamaliyar sannidhiMurugan templeKarthikeya swamy temple
Durga templeBhutha narayana templeKamakshi mata templeMahamari mata
Ramana AshramSeshadriswamigai ashramNanagaru ashramAthithi ashram
Thiruvannamalai Railway stationThiruvannamalai Busstand

Arunachalam Circumambulation :
Arunachalam hillVirupaksha caveSkhanda ashramIndra lingam
Agni lingamAgni theerthamYama lingamNiruthi lingam
Thiruneru AnnamalaiKannappa templeSurya lingamVaruna lingam
Adi Annamalai templeVayu lingamLopamudra and Agastya maharshiKubera lingam
Iddukku pillayar koilPanchamugamPachia ammanEesanya lingam
Girivalam road

Re: Arunachalam map, Arunachalam pradakshina route

Postby peejon on Sat Mar 05, 2011 5:23 pm

Hi there!

Could we possibly get an Arunachalam map in higher resolution and more easy navigation. We are gonna be touring the entire place next week right after this post. So I am taking this opportunity of asking for more accurate map that we could be use while we are touring around the area. Sorry, but the map that you have uploaded for us is very hard to understand.

Consideration is a must for the sake of travel guide!


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Re: Arunachalam map, Arunachalam pradakshina route

Postby Admin on Sat Mar 05, 2011 11:44 pm

It's just a Google map, and will adjust it's size automatically based on the distance and zoom level of markers. So, you have to browse the map by using the zoom bar located left in map.

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