Trincomalee map

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Trincomalee map

Postby Siva on Sat Mar 19, 2011 8:59 am

Trincomalee map showing all important temples and sightseeing places:
Thirukoneswaram or Koneswaram
Also called as Swami rock or Gokanna or Gokarna. Lord Shiva present here as Koneswar. Sankaridevi, one of the 18 Shaktipeeth, is also present here.
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Fort Frederick
Dutch fort present in the way to Trikoneswara temple.

Papanasam theertham

Badhrakali temple also called as Pathrakali temple

Vallavai shakti pillayar temple

Kandaswamy temple

Sri muthu Kumaraswamy temple

Shivan kovil

Shiva temple

Kandakraj pillayar temple

Vishnu temple

Mariamman temple

Buddhist temple

Indian Ocean beach

Trinkomali busstand

Trincomalee railway station

Trincomalee airport

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Koneswar templeFort FrederickPapanasam theerthamBhadrakali temple
Vallavai shakti pillayar templeKandaswamy templeSri muthu Kumaraswamy templeShivan kovil
Shiva templeKandakraj pillayar templeVishnu templeMariamman temple
Buddhist templeTrincomalee beachTrinkomali busstandTrincomalee railway station
Trincomalee airport
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How to reach Trincomalee from India

Postby Siva on Sat Mar 19, 2011 2:48 pm

Trincomalee is well connected by Road, Railway and air routes. But, there is no direct Ship route to Trincomalee from India.
Road route: From colombo it is about 280 km distance and we should travel throgh A6 highway to reach Trinkomali. In this journey we will travel from west coast to East coast of Srilanka. So that we can see various cultures present in Srilanka.
Raliway route: It is about 8 hours journey from Colombo to Trincomalee.
Air route: Trincomalee is well connected by Air route also. Direct flights are present to Trincomalee from colombo, chennai, Madurai, Thiruvananthapuram and Bangalore.

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