Chamundeswari temple darshan

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Chamundeswari temple darshan

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Chamundeswari temple on Hill.

Mahabaleswar temple

Narayana temple

Annadana satra

Mahishasura statue

Chamundi hill busstop

Nandi statue

Rajendra vilas palace

Devi kere and View point

Shiva temple

Chamundi hill entrance arch

Bull temple road starting

Bull temple road joinining Chamundi hill road.

Ooty road bifurcation

Steps route starting near Ayyappaswamy temple

Steps route ending near Annadana Satram

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Chamundeswari templeMahabaleswar templeNarayana templeAnnadana satra
Mahishasura statueChamundi hill busstopNandi statueRajendra vilas palace
Devi kereShiva templeChamundi hill entranceBull temple road starting
Bull temple road joininingOoty road bifurcationSteps route startingSteps route ending

Mysore is world famous for Dussehra festival. In Mysore there are two main temples of Chamundeswari mata. First one is on Chamundi hill and the second one is in Mysore Maharaja palace. Chamundeswari mata temple present on hill is also one of the 18 Shaktipeeth. Chamundi mata kílled Mahishasura on this hill, hence the name Chamundi hill.

Chamundi hill is about 1000 ft height. There are two routes to climb this hill. One is Road route and and another is steps route. Number of Buses and Private vehicles like autos and Taxies are available from Mysore to reach Chamundeswari temple. Bull temple road to reach Nandi statue, and Ooty road are also present on Chamundi hill. But there clear markers and Boards to avoid Confusion.In steps route here are about 1000 to 1200 steps are there. After climbing 600 steps we will reach Nandi statue, here we can relax some time and after that we can climb another 600 steps to reach Chamundewari temple.

Important places to see on Chamundi hill :
Mahishasura Statue: After reaching Chamundi hill bus stop, there we can see a very big Statue of Mahishasura. He hold snake and sword in his two hands. This statue is present on road and people can take photographs.
Rajendra vilace palace : From here we can see a big palace on hill. But presently it is not alllowed for siteseeing.
Nandi statue: It is a very big, Black colored, single stoned statue of Nandi in sitting position. A temple of Nandi also present there. It comes in the middle of steps route. In road route it is optional for us whether to go or not, but It is better to see and prąy Lord Nandeeswara before going to Chamundi temple.
Annadana Satra: It is present in between Chamundi hill bus stop and Chamundeswari temple. The road is narrow and filled with shops. Annadana Satra is being mainatained by Devasthanam. Steps route also ends here.
Chamundeswari temple: After crossing Annadana satra there is a big plain area on the top of hill. In that plain area Chamundeswari mata temple is present like a fort. It is a old and very big temple with a big gopuram. Chamundeswari mata present in the temple as a small and attractive idol. Generally one or two hors will take for darshan of Chamundi mata.
Mahabaleswar temple: Beside Chamundewari temple there is a old and very big temple of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva present here in the form of Mahabaleswara.
Narayana temple: After crossing Mahabaleswara temple we will see a another temple. That is a temple of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu present here in the form of Satyanarayana.
There is a path to do paradakshina of these three temples. The road is present on side of a valley. We can see mysore city, Race court, Zoo park, Maharaja palace from this place. We can sit there and see the city. It is a wonderful experience.
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