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Varanasi map

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Map showing all Important temples in Varanasi, a complete Varanasi tourist guide
Kasi Viswanath temple:
The holy place that every hindu should visit in his life. One of the 12 jyotirlingas.

Annapurna temple:
Nearer to Viswanath temple. She is the shakti of Kedarnath. She gives food to all.

Visalakshi temple:
Shakti of Lord Viswanath. she is one of the 18 shakti peethas.

Kalbhairav temple:
Kshetrapalaka of Kasi. He protects Varanasi. Every one should visit him in their Kasi yatra. He will take all the sins of devotees living in Kasi.

Viswanath temple at BHU:
Present in Benarus Hindu University. The temple is very beautiful built with marble stones.

Durga temple:
Kushmanda[Shaktipeetha] .

Durga Kund:
Holy pond infront of Duga temple.

Tulasimanas Mandir:
Nearer to Durgakund

Sankatamochan temple:
Famous Hanuman temple in Varanasi.

Asi sangam:
Asi river Joining in Ganga River. This is the starting point of kasi described in Puranas. Asi river now looks like a small canal.

Asi Ghat:
One Of the Ghats in Varanasi.

Manikarnika Ghat:
This is the most important ghat in varanasi. It is cremation ground. Sri Ramakrishna parama hamsa told that, Lord shiva says Taraka mantra to the passed ones and Maha kali breaks karma bandhas. So that they will attain Mukti.

Dasaswamedh Ghat:
One Of the Ghats in Varanasi. Most famous ghat in varanasi. Here daily harati will be given to Ganga mata.

Harischandra Ghat:
One Of the Ghats in Varanasi. Harischandra maharaj worked as Chandala in this ghat for standing on truth.

Kedar Ghat:
One Of the Ghats in Varanasi. In this ghat prachina manikarnika kund is present.

Kedareshwar temple:
Lord shiva temple. This is the resemblence of kedarnath jyotirling. Seeing this temple is equal to seeing Kedarnath jyotirling. This is confirmed by Sri Sarada matha.

Tulasi Ghat:
One Of the Ghats in Varanasi. Here Tulasidas wrote Ramacharita manas [Story of Ramayan in hindi].

Hanuman Ghat:
One Of the Ghats in Varanasi.

Panchaganga Ghat:
One Of the Ghats in Varanasi.

Bindu madhav temple:
Near Panchaganga Ghat. It is one of the pancha madhava temples.

Tripura Bhairavi Ghat:
One Of the Ghats in Varanasi.

Kalaratri Durga temple:
Near TripuraBhairavi Ghat.

Lalitha Ghat:
One Of the Ghats in Varanasi.

One Of the Ghats in Varanasi.

Adikeshav Ghat:
One Of the Ghats in Varanasi. It is nearer to Varauna ghat.

Adikeshav temple:
Temple of Lord Vishnu.

Varuna Sangam:
Varuna River Joinining in Ganga River. this is the ending point of kashi described in puranas.

Lolark kund:
A holy pond in kasi.

Andhra Ashram:
Accommodation For Andhra People. Here accommodation is available for free. But taking accommodation freely is not good especially in kasi.

Ramnagar Fort:
Temple of Vedvyasa Maharshi. This is also called as Vyasa kasi. Vedvyasa Maharshi lives in this area because of curse given by Lord Viswanatha.

Advaita Ashram:
Ramakrishna Muth. It is present in Luxa road of Varanasi.

Seva ashram:
Ramakrishna Mission Hospital.

Chandra Ghanta Durga Temple:
One of the NavaDurga temples , Near Chowk Police Station

Siddhi Dhatri Temple:
One of the NavaDurga temples , Near Chowk Police Station

Katyayini Durga temple:
One of the NavaDurga temples

TilBhandeswar temple:
Lord shivas temple

Shaila Putri Durag Temple:
One of the NavaDurga temples

PanchaKoshi Road:
Route of Panchakosha Parikrama.

Dhamekh Sthupa:

MahaBodhi temple:

Dhamma Chakka Pavattana:

Saranath Museum:

Chakundi Sthupa:

Varanasi Railway station
This is the major railway station in varanasi.

Varanasi bus stand
This is nearer to Varanasi Railway station.

Kasi Railway station
This is the second railway station in Varanasi. It is nearer to Varuna river.

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Kasi Viswanath templeAnnapurna templeVisalakshi templeKalbhairav temple
Viswanath temple at BHUDurga templeDurga kundTulasimanas Mandir
Sankatamochan templeAsi SangamAsi ghatManikarnika Ghat
Dasaswamedh GhatHarischandra GhatKedar GhatKedareshwar temple
Tulasi GhatHanuman GhatPanchaganga GhatBindumadhav temple
Tripura Bhairavi GhatKalaratri Durga templeLalita GhatPrahlada Ghat
Adikeshav GhatAdikeshav templeVaruna SangamLolark kund
Andhra AshramRamnagar fortRamakrishna muthRamakrishna mission hospital
Chandra Ghanta Durga templeSidhiDhatri templeKatyayini Durga templeTilBhandeswar temple
Shailaputri Durga templePanchaKoshi RoadDhamekh sthupaMahaBodhi temple
Dhamma Chakka PavattanaSaranath MuseumChaukhandi SthupaMain Railway station
Kasi busstandKasi railway station
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