Alampur, City of Temples

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Alampur, City of Temples

Postby Siva on Sun Apr 17, 2011 8:19 pm

Alampur map showing all Navabrahma temples
Jogulamba shaktipeeth.
One of the 18 Shaktipeeth.

Bala Brahmeswara swamy temple
Main one in the Nava Brahma temples.

Garuda Brahma
Present on left side of Balabrahmeswara temple.

Swarga Brahma
Present on the back side of Garudabrahma temple.

Padma Brahma
Present on the back side of Padmabrahma temple.

Kumara Brahma
Present on right side of Balabrahmeswara temple.

Taraka Brahma
Present on backside of Archeological museum. But it is only assumption of exact location as the actual temple was destroyed and only Lingam preserved.

Arka Brahma
Present on right side of Kumarabrahma temple.

Veera Brahma
Present on right side of Arkabrahma temple.

Viswa Brahma
Present on right side of Veerabrahma temple.

Archeological museum
Museum with sculptures found in and around Alampur, on the banks of Tungabhadra river.

Tungabhadra river
Tunga Bhadra river joins here with Krishna river.

Vishnu temple
Present in between Balabrameswara temple and Garuda Brahma temple.

Renuka mata temple
Present in front of Balabrahmeswara temple. But darshan allowed only for ladies, that too, only in Tuesdays and Fridays.

Kamakshi temple
Presen on back side of Balabrahmeswara temple, nearer to old Mahadwar. Ekamreswara swamy temple is also present here.

It is the old entrance of Balabrahmeswara swamy temple. Fort wall with sculptures showing story of cursed king and deer.

Shaa Ali Pahilwan Darga.
It is a tomb of Muslim invader, who tried to destroy Balabrahmeswara swamy temple and ─Ćied in that war.

Kudavali Sangameswaram.
This temple was re-established by Archeological department, as its original area was covered by Srisailam Project Back waters.

Alampur Bustand
Number of Buses, autos, zeeps are available from here to reach Kurnool.

All markers were placed at most possible zoom level. You can always suggest better marking to improve map.

Jogulamba ShaktipeethBala Brahmeswara swamy templeGaruda BrahmaSwarga Brahma
Padma BrahmaKumara BrahmaTaraka BrahmaArka Brahma
Veera BrahmaViswa BrahmaArcheological museumTungabhadra river
Vishnu templeRenuka mata templeKamakshi templeMahadwar
DargaKudavali SangameswaramAlampur Bustand
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Re: Alampur, City of Temples

Postby Siva on Sun Apr 17, 2011 10:54 pm

Jogulamba Shaktipeeth: It is newly built temple. But the idol of Jogulamba mata is previous one. The temple is present in the center of a water pond.
Bala Brahmeswara swamy temple: It is a very old temple. On entering in to the temple first we will see Nandeeswara statue in the hall. After crossing hall we will enter into a second room. In that room Veerabhadraswamy, Navadurgas, Navagrahas, Trimoorthy gods(Dakshinamoorthy, Yoganarasimha swamy, Brahma), Kumaraswamy, Kalabhairava,Vighneswara are present. After crossing this room we will enter in to third room which has Pradakshina marg. In this room Parvathi mata, Yoga Narasimha swamy, Ugra Narasimha swamy, Siddhas present. In the center of this third room we will see Garbhagriha in which Lord Bala Brahmeswara swamy is present. The Shiva linga has an irregular shape and Panapatta is slightly slanted towards left. The temple has extraordinary sculptures. The temple was built by Rasasidha who came from Kasi on the order of Lord Shiva. Many Shiva lingas also present in the campus of Balabrahmeswara swamy temple.
Nava Brahma temples: Alampur is famous for Navabrahma temples. All of them are present on the banks of Tungabhadra river. Navabrahma temples are
  1. Bala Brahma
  2. Garuda Brahma
  3. Swarga Brahma
  4. Padma Brahma
  5. Kumara Brahma
  6. Taraka Brahma
  7. Arka Brahma
  8. Veera Brahma
  9. Viswa Brahma
Out of Nine Nava brahma temples we can see eight temples, But TarakaBrahma temple location is uncertain.
Renuka mata temple: Jamadagni maharshi lived here with his ife Renuka mata and son Parasurama. One day Jamadagni Maharshi ordered his Parasurama to cut his mothers head in order to punish her. When Parasurama cut his mothers head, Renuka mata body fell here and head fell in Mahur. Here Local people worshiped Renuka mata as Bhudevi to get children. This temple is present just in front of Bala Brahmeswara temple.
Mahadwaram: On the backside of Balabrameswara temple there is a old fort wall. This is previous route of main temple campus. On this wall there are some sculptures showing story of cursed king and deer. Lord Visnu, Lord Shiva(Andhakantaka) sculptures are also present.
Kamakshi temple: It is present near Mahadwar. It is a big and very old idol. Opposite to Kamakshi temple Ekamreswara swamy is also present.
Archeological museum: It has very great and rare sculptures found in and around Alampur. It is present very nearer to Bala Brahmeswar temple.
Kudavali Sangameswar / Kudali Sangameswar: This temple was re-established by Archeological department. As the its original place was submerged in Srisailam project backwaters.

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