AshtaVinayak temples

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AshtaVinayak temples

Postby Siva on Sat Jun 25, 2011 5:51 pm

Google map showing Ashta Vinayak temples:
Mayreshwar/ Moreshwar
Morgaon > Near Pune

Siddhatek > Ahmednagar district

Maha Ganapati
Ranjangaon > Near Pune

Vighneshwar/ Vighnahar
Ozar > Near Nashik

Girijatmaj vinayak
Lenyadri > Between Pune and Nashik

Varad Ganapati
Khoopli > Near Mumbai

Pali > sudhagarh taluka
Between Mumbai and Pune

Chintamani Ganapati
Theur > Haveli taluka
Near Pune

All markers were placed at most possible zoom level. You can always suggest better marking to improve map.

Ashta Vinayaka temples are famous temples of Lord Ganesh located in Maharashtra. Ganesha purana and other holy texts described the importance of these places. These are eight in total. Various forms of Ganesha in these temples are Mayureshwar, Siddhi Vinayak, Maha Ganapati, Vighneswar, Girijatmaja, Varada Ganapati, Ballaleswar, Chintamani Ganapati.

Mayureshwar: Here Lord Ganesh kílled Sindhurasura. He used peacock(Mayura) vehicle in that war, hence the name Mayureshwar or Moreshwar. Lord Ganesh is accompanied with Siddhi and Buddhi. Ganesh idol is under the cover of cobras hood. Here Nandi statue present in front of the lord. Sage Jada Bharatha also lived in this place. This holy place is located on the banks of Karha river, in Morgaon village, in 55 km distance from Pune.

Siddhi Vinayak: Lord Vishnu worshipped North faced, right sided trunk Ganesh, in the war time with Madhu Kaitabha. This temple located on a small hillock, so it takes about 30 minutes to complete one pradakshina around this temple. He is accompanied with Siddhi and Buddhi, hence the name Siddhi Vinayaka. This sacred place is located on the banks of Bhima river, in Ahmednagar district, karjat Taluka, Siddhitek village, in 110 k.m distance from Pune.

Maha Ganapati: Lord Shiva worshipped Ganapati here, to get rid all obstacles to kíll Tripurasura. Sun rays directly will touch Mahaganapati idol in the time of Dakshinayana. This place is present in Rajangaon which is previously called as Manipuram. It is in 50 km distance from Pune.

Vighneswar: Here lord Ganesh defeated Vighnasura. Hence the name Vighnahar or Vighneswar. Vighneswar is famous for removing unexpected obstacles. This temple is located on the banks of Kukadi river, near Nashik, in Ozar town.

Girijatmaja: Parvati mata did penance here, to get Vinayaka as son. Hence the name Girijatmaja. Here the Lord vinayaka faces north . This temple is located in eighth cave in buddha caves located in Lenyadri, in 100 km distance from Pune.

Varada Ganapati: Lord Ganapati appeared before Gritsamada (Gananam tav mantra rishi) because of his great penance. This temple is located near Mumbai, at Khoopli, in 80 km distance from Pune. Since 1892 a Nanda deepam is glowing here.

Ballaleswar: Lord Ganapati pleased for a small boy's devotion and appeared before that boy, Ballala. Hence the name Ballaleswar. Here Dundhi Ganapati is also present, that ganesha idol is very old and the which was thrown away by Ballala's father Kalyana sen. Here Varada Ganapati idol shape and the hill shape are same. This temple is located between Pune and Mumbai, at Karjat railway station, in pali Village.

Chintamani Ganapati: Once Indra did an error in Ahalya case and got sin. Then he did penance here for Lord Ganapti and removed the sin. Mukunda cursed King Rukmangada, because he rejected her. But the king freed from the curse by doing bath in Kadamaba teertha here. Lord Ganapati situated at Kadamba teertha is called as Chintamani Ganapati. This holy place is located in 25 km distance from Pune at the junction of three rivers Mula, Mutha and Bhima.
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Re: AshtaVinayak temples

Postby mytemplesindia on Wed Jan 16, 2013 7:40 pm

By Lord Ganesha's grace i had the opportunity to have darshan at Ashtavinayak temples last February.

All the eight temples are located around Pune city, within a radius of say 50 kilometers. My trip took two days to complete. All the eight temples are very popular in Maharashtra as we can call Maharashtra as the land of Lord Ganesh- Ganapati pappa moriya !!

All the eight temples are situated in remote villages of Deccan plateau. One can only wonder how people reached these places in good old times, when transport facility is much less than now !

Coming to the temples, i must say the Sri Vighneswar Vinayak temple at Ozar, is my favorite: may be because a nature lover that i am !. The temple is on a remote village ,by the side of a beautiful river, about 40 kilometers from Pune city.

For more on Ashtavinayak temples , please visit my blog

Re: AshtaVinayak temples

Postby mrcrao on Mon Oct 12, 2015 12:02 pm

The narration of location of Vighnahar Vinayaka at Ozar is correct, It is about 15 KMs from Lenyadri hill. Nashik is about 140 KMs from this Ozar. There is Ozar (Ojhar) about 25 Kms from Nashik city centre. But this is not the location of one of the Ashta Vinayas, to my knowledge. The location of Vighnahar Vinayak in map is not correct, I think. Please check the details. I apologize in advance if I am wrong.

Re: AshtaVinayak temples

Postby Siva on Tue Oct 13, 2015 3:34 pm

Thank you sir, for you valuable correction. I updated the map.

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