KotappaKonda temple

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KotappaKonda temple

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Map Showing all important temples and sight-seeing places around Kotappa Konda.
Trikoteswaraswami temple

Gollabhama temple

Navagraha temple

Subramanyeswara swamy temple, Also called Nagendra Swami Putta

Abhisheka mandapam


Bochhu Kotayya temple

Pata Kotayya swami temple

Rudra sikharam

Paapa naseswara, Lord Shiva on Vishnu Sikharam

Vishnu sikharam, Papa Vinasana tirtham is present here.

Brahma sikharam

Steps rout

Vinayaka Temple

Vijaya Ganapathi Temple

Saibaba Temple

Temple Ghat road Entrance

Brahma Idol

Lakshmi Narayana Idol


Children park

Kaliyamardanam, Idol of lord SriKrishna

Parvati, lakshmi, saraswathi

Big Idol of Lord Vinayaka

A large Shivalingam

Dhyana mandapam/ Dhyana mandiram

Ogeru/ omkara rivar

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Trikoteswara SwamyGollabhamaNavagrahasNagendraswamy putta
Abhisheka mandapamPondBochhu kotayyaPata kotayya
Brahma sikharamRudra sikharampaapa nasaseswaraVishnu sikharam
Steps routeVinayaka templeVijaya GanapathiSaibaba temple
Ghat RoadBrahma idolNarayana IdolMuseam
Children parkLord SrikrishnaThree Goddess statueVinayaka statue
ShivalingamDhyana mandapamOgeru river

Kotappakonda is very famous for Shivaratri festival jatara. Lakhs of people will come here on that day. Lord Trikoteswara swamy is the main deity here. It is about 13 km distance from Narasaraopet and 20 km distance from Chilakaluripet. One can go kotappakonda from Narasaraopet or Chilakaluripet through direct buses.
Nearest Busstand: Kotappakonda
Nearest Railway station: Narasaraopet
Nearest Airport: Vijayawada

Important places to see in Kotappakonda:

1. Trikoteswara swamy temple: Lord Shiva is the main deity here in the form of Dakshinamurthy. It is present on a medium size hill (300 meters height). The Hill has three peaks viz; Brahma sikharam, Rudra sikharam and Vishnu sikharam. Hence the name Trikoteswaraswamy. Main temple present on Brahma sikharam. Abhisheka mandapa, Dhyana mandapa, a very big Shiva linga statue, Navagrahas temples also present here.

2. Gollabhama temple: It is present nearer to Trikoteswara swami temple. She is the devotee of Lord Shiva. She brought Trikoteswara swamy from Rudra sikharam to Brahma sikharam with her great devotion. One should worship her before visiting Lord Shiva.

3. Nagendraswamy putta: It is present above the main temple. 50 to 60 steps are there to reach Nagendra swamy putta from main temple. We can see a holy pond while going to Nagendraswamy putta.

4. Steps route: There are two routes to reach main temple. Old one is steps route and the new one is ghat road route. There are around 750 steps in Steps route. In the starting of this route we will see Bochu Kotayya temple, Vinayak temple.At the end Gollabhama temple is present. Some people will do puja for steps with Kumkum and turmeric powder.

5. Ghat road: It is 3km distance to reach temple. At the starting of this route we will see Vijaya Ganapati temple, Sai Baba temple. At the turnings of ghat road we can see big idols of Brahma, Lakshmi Narayana, Three Goddess(Lakshmi, Saraswathi, Parvathi), Vighneswara. In the middle of the route there is a children park, museum and Kaliyamardana statue.

6. Pata kotayya temple: It is present on Rudra sikharam. This is the first place of Lord Trikoteswara swamy hence the name Paata Kotayya. From here he came to Brahma sikharam because of Gollabhamas devotion.

7. Papanaseswara swamy temple: It is present on Vishnu Sikharam. Here a holy pond called Papanasa teertha is also present. Here Lord Vishnu did penance for Lord Shiva. Hence the name Vishnu Sikharam.

8. Ogeru river: It is also called as Omkara river. It is at the feet of Vishnu sikharam. On the day of Shivaratri, lakhs of people will come with Prabhas (Structures like Chariots with Lord Shiva's photos, idols etc.) and occupy the area from Ogeru (Omkara) river to the Trikoteswaraswamy temple.
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