Nemawar temple

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Nemawar temple

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Map showing all important places and temples in Nemawar :
Siddheswar mahadev temple

Narmada matha naabhi sthanam(Nabhi kund)

Suraj kund-Nemavar

Ganesh Temple-Nemavar

Renuka mata temple-Nemavar

Bus stand

Ridhanath Shiva temple

Narmada river Ghat

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Siddheswar mahadev templeNabhi kundSuraj kundGanesh Temple
Renuka mata templeBus standBathing GhatRidhanath Shiva temple

Nemawar, a small village present in Dewas district, Madhyapradesh, on the banks of Narmada River. It is a holy place for both Hindus and Jains. Every Narmada Parikramavasi should visit this place. People in this village says "Narmade har", that means Narmada is Lord Shiva.
Nearest Bustand: Nemawar
Nearest Railway station: Harda (12 km distance)
Nearest Airport: Indore (130 km distance)

Important places to see in Nemawar:
1. Siddheswar temple: It is very old and big temple. Lord Shiva is the main diety here. Narmada mata temple, Ganesh temple also present in this temple complex.
2. Ganesh temple: It is present in Siddheswar temple complex.
3. Nabhi Kund: Nemawar is the Nabhi sthan (Navel) of Narmada river. It is present in the center of Narmada river.
4. Surya kund: It is also present in the middle of Narmada river. Lord Vishnu statue present here.
5. Renuka mata temple: It is a Tapobhumi of Jamadagni maharshi (Husband of Renuka mata). This temple is very small temple and present nearer to Bustand.
6. Riddhanath temple: This temple present on the opposite bank of Narmada river.
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