Bhedaghat map

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Bhedaghat map

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Map showing important places and temples in Bhedaghat:
Chausat yogini temple

Steps route to Chausat yogini temple

Rudra kund

Panchavati ghat

Dhuandhar waterfalls

Saraswati ghat

Bandar Koodni, River Narmada gets so narrow here that monkeys (Langoors) can jump across. Thus the name Bandar (Monkey) Koodni (Jumping Place)

Tripura sundari mata temple

Shani kund

Narmada mata mandir

Beohar temple-complex at Lamhetaghat include the sun-temple, shaiv(shiv)-temple, hanuman-temple, ramjanki-temple, shakti-temple, and many more

Bhedaghat railway station

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Chausat yogini templeSteps routeRudra kundPanchavati ghat
Dhuandhar waterfallsSaraswati ghatBandar KoodniTripura sundari mata temple
Shani kundNarmada mata mandirBeohar temple-complexBhedaghat railway station

Bhedaghat is one of the famous tourist places present on the Banks of Narmada river. It is present near Jabalpur, in Madhyapradesh. One can travel from Jablapur to Bhedaghat in Autos also. It is well connected by Road and Railway routes
Nearest Bustand: Bhedaghat
Nearest Railway station: Bheaghat, Jabalpur(22 km distance)
Nearest Airport: Jabalpur (35 km distance)

Imprtant sightseeing places in Bhedaghat:
1. Chousat Yogini temple: It is present on a small hillock, we have to climb about 200 steps to reach this temple. The temple is very old. The temple is in circular fashion with 84 idols of Yoginis around the temple. In the center, sanctum sanatorium present, in which Lord Shiva (Vareshwara) and Gowri mata present on Vrishabha vahana (Bull). Kamakhya mata, Surya bhagavan idols present on the right side, Ganesha and Lakshmi Narayana idols present on Left side. These five idols combinedly represents Shiva Panchayatana. Apart these Idols of Naginis, Vighneswara are also present. Lord Shiva stayed here one night after his marriage on the request of Bhrigu Maharshi.
2. Tripurasundari temple: It is present between Chusat Yogini temple and Bhedaghat Railway station.
3. Naramada ghats: Here Narmada river flows in between White Marble rocks. Because of that reason it becomes very beautiful spot. On Pournami (Full moon) night the beauty of this area increases many folds. There are several ghats and sightseeing places namely Panchavati ghat, Saraswati ghat, Bandar Koodni, Narmada mata mandir, Beohar temple-complex, Rudra kund, Shani kund, etc.. Many people will come here to take a holy bath.
4. Dundhara water falls: As the Narmada river flows in between Marble rocks, the water falls looks like Milk. Hence the name Dhundhara water falls. Rope way, Boat riding also present here.
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