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can anybody guide me some important places in pushkar pls

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Pushkar map showing Important places

Postby Siva on Sun Nov 13, 2011 7:47 pm

Map showing important places in Pushkar:
Pushkar lake

Brahma temple

Old Rangji temple

New Rangji temple

Gayatri shaktieeth

Savitri shaktipeeth

Manibandh shaktipeeth
Chamunda temple


Panch kund
Lord Shiva temple

Parikrama marg

Pushkar ghats

Historical park

Railway station
It was newly constructed

Bus station

All markers were placed at most possible zoom level. You can always suggest better marking to improve map.

Pushkar means, a lake. Lord Brahma is the main deity here. It is also famous as one of the 51 Shaktipeeth, as one of the Ashtakshara kshetras of Lord vishnu and as one of the pancha Sarovaras. Pushkar is present in Rajasthan, near Ajmer (14 km distance). Nearest Airport is at Jaipur. Trains and Buses will be available up to Ajmer, from there onwards we have to go in a Taxi or Auto rickshaw. Pushkar is a city of temples, around 500 small and big temples present in this town. Some Important places to see in Pushkar are

Pushkar lakeBrahma templeOld Rangji templeNew Rangji temple
Gayatri shaktieethSavitri shaktipeethManibandh shaktipeethGomukh
Panch kund Lord Shiva templeParikrama margPushkar ghatsHistorical park
Bus stationRailway station

Pushkar lake: This sacred lake was formed when a lotus dropped here from Brahmas hand when he kílled a demon named Vajranabha. Pushkar means a blue lotus, hence the name Pushkar. Importance of this holy lake was depicted in Padmapurana. There are three Pushkarinis, viz. Jyeshta pushkar, Madhyama pushkar, Kanishta pushkar. This holy pond is one of the Pancha sarovars also.
Brahma temple: This is one of the very few temples of Lord Brahma, present in India. Lord Brahma did penance here for 60000 years. He also did a great Yagna here.
Rangji temple: This is one of the eight holy temples of Lord Vishnu. There are many temples of Lord vishnu in Pushkar. Varaha temple, Krishna temple etc...
Gayatri temple: When Lord Brahma did Yagna here, his wife Savitri was not there. Because of urgency, Brahma married a Gujjar girl and completed Yagna. That Gujjar girl is non other than Gayatri mata. Pushkar is famous for Gayatri shaktipeeth also. Brahmarshi Viswamitra did penance here for Gayatri mata blessings.
Savitri Shaktipeeth: Present on near by hill. She cursed Brahma, as he married another girl without her permission. Because of that curse, Lord Brahma had no Pujas in the world except in Pushkar.
Manibandh Shaktipeeth: This temple is present in another hill in Pushkar. This is one of the 51 Shaktipeethas. Chamunda mata temple present here.
Panch kund: Lord Shiva temple present here. It was built by Pancapandavas.
Parikrama: There is a Parikrama route around Pushkar kshetra. This 16 km route covers three Pushkarinis and important temples present on the banks of these holy ponds.
Pushkar ghats: There are around 52 bathing ghats on the banks of holy pond. Some important ghats are Varaha Ghat, Dadhich Ghat, Saptarishi Ghat, Gau ghat, Yag Ghat, Gwalior Ghat, Kota Ghat, Jaipur Ghat, Karni Ghat and Gangaur Ghat.

Pushkar is also famous for pushkar fair/ Pushkar mela, starting from Karthika ekadashi to karthika pournami. It is a five days festival that will be conducted every year. Karthika Pournami is the most important day, Many pilgrim people will come and take a holy dip on that day. Camel fair will also be conducted in these days, in which thousands of camels were sold. It not only attracts buyers and sellers, but also many tourists from foreign also.

Ajmer to Pushkar

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How to reach Pushkar from Ajmer?

Air route: Jaipur Sanganer Airport is the nearest airport. It is in 160 km distance from Pushkar. From Jaipur we can reach here by hiring a taxi or by we can reach Ajmer in a train. From there we have to travel another 15 km distance to reach Pushkar.

Railway route: Ajmer is well connected by Railway and Road routes. There are number of trains from various stations like Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur etc. You can see trains available from Jaipur to Ajmer in this page: http://indiarailinfo.com/search/272/280. It is a two hours journey. A new railway line was constructed from Ajmer to Pushkar, but waiting for final approval.

Road route: Pushkar is well connected by Road route. After starting from Ajmer railway station we have to travel in Pushkar road. In that journey first we will see Agra gate, after that Manasthambha (Jain temple), after that Rishi Udhyan Swami Dayanand. Here Swami Dayananda saraswati started Paropakarini sabha. It is present on the banks of Annasagar lake. All these are present in Ajmer. After crossing Annasagar lake and Ajmer we will see some hills, ie. after 8 km journey. We have to travel through these hills in a ghat road for about 6 km. After crossing ghat road we will reach outskirts of Pushkar, from there onwards we have to travel 2 km to reach holy pond.

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