Pancha sarovar

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Pancha sarovar

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Pancha Sarovar map:
Manas Sarovar
Himalayas > Tibet

Pushkar Sarovar
Ajmer > Rajasthan

Narayan Sarovar
Lakhpat taluka > Bhuj District > Gujarat

Bindu Sarovar
Siddhpur > Near Ahmedabad > Gujarat

Pampa Sarovar
On the Banks of Tungabhadra river > Near Hampi > Karnataka

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Manas SarovarPushkar SarovarNarayan Sarovar
Bindu SarovarPampa Sarovar

Pancha Sarovars are five holy ponds present in India. They are present in five different locations. First one in Himalayas, Tibet, Second one in Rajasthan near Ajmer, Third and Fourth are in Gujarat and the fifth one in Karnataka near Hampi. Manas and Pushkar are related with Brahma, Narayan and Bindu are related with Vishnu and Pampa Sarovar related with Lord Shiva, in this way five ponds covers Trimurtis

Manasa Sarovar: This holy lake has different names viz. Manasarovar, Lake Manas, Mapam Yumco etc. This sacred pond is important to Hindus and Buddhists also. Mount Kailash is very nearer to this pond. It is present in Tibet under control of China Government. Every year Indian Government announces some dates to do Kailash Manas sarovar yatra. We have to go in those dates only. This holy pond was created in Lord Brahmas mind, hence the name Manas Sarovar. This is the birth place of various rivers like Brahmaputra, Sautlaj, Ghagra etc. Dakshaini shaktipeeth, one of the 51 Shakti peethas also present here.

Pushkar Sarovar: It is present in Rajasthan. It is also created by Lord Brahma, when he kílled a demon named Vajranabha. In that war a lotus fell here from Brahma's hand, hence the name Pushkar. Lord Brahma temple present here, which is very rare. Pushkar is also famous for 51 Shaktipeeth, Ashtakshara kshetras of Lord Vishnu. Pushkar mela will be conducted here in every Karthika masa. It is present near Ajmer, so that we have to go Ajmer first, then Ajmer to Pushkar.

Narayan Sarovar: It is present in Lakhpat taluka, Kutch district, Gujarat. This place is considered as holy Saraswati river end place and lake was filled with Saraswati river water, hence considered as very holy pond. Here also a fair will be conducted in every Kathika masa from 11 th day to 15th day like in Pushkar. It is a lake of Narayana, hene the name Narayana sarovar.

Bindu Sarovar: It is present in Siddhpur, near Ahmedabad, Gujarat. This lake was believed as Mahavishnus tears, hence the name Bindu Sarovar. This place is Kapil maharshi's taposthali, here he teaches moksha gnana to his mother. This place also called as Matru Gaya kshetra, here pilgrims will perform Shraaddha karyas.

Pampa Sarovar: It is present in between Hampi and Anegondi, Karnataka. Here Parvati mata (Pampa) did penance for Lord Shiva, hence the name Pampa sarovar. Lord Sri Rama met and accepted Shabari's devotion here. Lakshmi temple, Shiva temple present here.

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