Guide me to get to Manibandh and Virat Shaktipeeths

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Guide me to get to Manibandh and Virat Shaktipeeths

Postby pix on Sat Jun 01, 2013 11:58 pm

Hello all,

Can anyone please guide me how to reach Manibadh Shaktipeeth in Pushkar and to Virat shaktipeeth near Bharatpur both in Rajasthan. I am planning to visit both shaktipeeths from Nathdwara. I will have only two days in my hand to complete this visit, after which I have to return to Mumbai.

Please explain about the Accommodation (with fare if possible), Temple timings, Traveling options (with fare if possible), Food/Meal options and other things that I might have to keep in mind during my visit. Also please elaborate how can manage the traveling between two shaktipeeths.
Regarding, Accommodation, which location will be as near to the exact location of these two shaktipeeths temple for stay which is economical/cheaper for me.
Please guide me, which will be better: Nathdwara to manibandh temple or Nathdwara to Virat temple

Also, Please let me know if some more info is required from my end. Also feel free to point out the mistakes in my asking, if any

Thanks in advance about your kind reply

- pIx

Re: Guide me to get to Manibandh and Virat Shaktipeeths

Postby Siva on Sun Jun 09, 2013 10:35 pm

Regarding Manibandh shaktippeth:
Pushkar: Gayatri (Manivedika):
India>Rajasthan>Near Ajmeer>Pushkar>On the Gayatri hill.
Trains and buses are available up to Ajmer, and, from there, we should take taxi or rickshaw to reach Pushkar. Nearest airport to Pushkar is in Jaipur. Best route to reach Gayatri mandir is from behind the bus stand, and walk up Gayatri hill. The temple remains closed after noon, so it's better to go in morning hours.

Regarding virat shaktipeeth:
Ambika (Virata)
India>Rajasthan>Near Jaipur>Bairat.
Three places, remembering in two Puranic desas, are considered with reference to this Pithasthan. But, none of them has a temple or place which is known as Shaktipeeth.
Ancient Matsya desa/ Virata desa (in the region of "Alwar, Bharatpur and Jaipur"):
a) Bairat village (Virat nagar), about 90 K.m from Jaipur.
Nivriti desa/ Virata desa (comprising of "Bardhankot, Coch behar and Rangpur"):
b) Bairatta in Dakshin Dinajpur district of West bengal.
c) Birat rajar garh in Rangpur district of Bangladesh.

Ambika (Virata):
Near Jaipur>Bairat.

Gayatri (Manivedika):
Near Ajmeer>Pushkar>
On the Gayatri hill.


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I think it is better to go to Manibandh Shaktipeeth which is 250 km distance from Nathdwara. It will take approximately 4 hours journey in car. So If you go in early morning you can reach temple in Forenoon and you can get Gayatri mata darshan there. As the temple closed in after noon, it is crucial to reach the temple in Forenoon.
After that you can take a lunch at Pushkar and goto Bharatpur which is in 350 km distance from Pushkar. Probably you can go there by evening and you can take rest there in that night. With fresh mood you can visit Ambika temple in the next day morning and reach Mumbai by train.

Have a happy Journey.