Omkareshwar map

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Omkareshwar map

Postby Siva on Wed Nov 12, 2008 11:00 pm

The map showing all temples and sightseeing locations in Omkareshwar
Omkareshwar temple
India-->Madhyapradesh-->Near Indoor-->Omkareshwar

The original Jyotirling temple in Omkareshwar

Triveni sangamam
The holy place to take bath in Omkareshwar parikrama

Runa Mukteshwar temple
Comes immediately after crossing Triveni Sangamam in Parikrama

Bridge on Narmada River
The Bridge between Omkareshwar and Mamaleshwar

Ramakrishna Mission
Ramakrishna mission in Omkareshwar

Adi Shankaracharya cave
The cave in Which Adi Shankaracharya learned Advaita
from his Guru Sri Govindapada

Bholenath Temple
The mid point of Omkareshwar parikrama

Mandhata hill
The holy hill that contains Omkareshwar temple

Omkareshwar dam
Omkareshwar dam constructed on Narmada river

Omkareshwar road
The nerest railway station from Omkareshwar

Kaveri sangamam
The junction of two rivers Narmada and Kaveri

Gajanan maharaj ashram/Dhrmashala

Gajanan maharaj temple

Nagar ghat

Oldest temple on parikrama marg

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Omkareshwar sightseeing
Omkareshwar templeMamaleshwarTriveni sangamamRuna Mukteshwar temple
Bridge on Narmada RiverRamakrishna MissionAdi Shankaracharya caveBholenath Temple
Mandhata hillOmkareshwar damOmkareshwar roadKaveri sangamam
Gajanan maharaj ashram/DhrmashalaGajanan maharaj templeNagar ghatOldest temple on parikrama marg
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Omkareshwar photos

Postby Admin on Tue Dec 09, 2008 12:25 pm

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Mamaleshwar jyotirling
Mamaleshwar temple
Annapurna Yogashram: Shakti of Omkareshwar. Idols of Maha lakshmi, Mahakali, Maha saraswathi are present here.
Nagar ghat: Biggest ghat in Omkareshwar
View of ghats on the western bank of Narmada river
Omkareshwar temple
Lord Omkareshwar
Narmada Kaveri sangamam: Parikrama route
Bholenath: temple of Lord Somanath at the top of Mandhata hill. Center point for Parikrama
Sculpture of Mallikarjuna: Parikrama route
Sculpture of Bhimashankar: Parikrama route
Chand Suraj darwaja: Parikrama route
Siddhanath Barahdwari: Parikrama route
Narmada river looks beautiful from Parikrama route
narmada-view-from-parikrama-route.jpg (9.18 KiB) Viewed 15384 times
Cave of Guru Govindapada: Adi Shankaracharya took Deeksha in this cave.

Omkareshwar Parikrama map

Postby Uma on Sun Dec 06, 2009 9:40 pm

Omkareshwar Parikrama is a must to do thing while visiting Omkareshwar Jyotirling. With out doing Parikrama we can not get full satisfaction. This is about three to four hours job for young and energetic. Here is a static map of Omkareshwar Parikrama with three markers and route path.
The three markers are
  1. Omkareshwar temple
  2. Triveni Sangamam
  3. Bholenath temple, in circle.
The Parikrama starts from Omkareshwar temple. It goes towards Triveni Sangam beside Narmada river. We can see many Sadhus and their Ashrams in this Parikrama. After reaching Triveni Sangam take a holy bath in Narmada river. At this point there is a temple of Lord Shiva named as Runa Mukteshwar. People offer Red gram to Lord Shiva to get rid of their Runas (Debts / Bandhanas). After this we will go deep into forest. At the mid point of journey there is another temple of Lord Shiva called as Bholenath. Shiva ling in this temple is made up of a very big Narmada Bana. This temple is present on the top of hill. A small village is present here and we can get some refreshments. After prÄ…ying Lord Bholenath the journey again goes in to deep forest. in this journey we may come across some wild animals like deers, bears and peacocks. After some time we will reach a very old temple, which is in demolished state and under the control of Archeological department. There are two statues called Bhima and Arjuna statues. After passing BhimaArjuna gate we will reach Vindhyachala mata temple. We can relax here. After worshiping Jaganamata we will complete our Parikrama with in a hour. This Parikrama has great importance and even Jagadguru Adishankaracharya also did this to get his Guru Govindapada.

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