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Sabarimala map

Postby Admin on Thu Nov 20, 2008 9:34 pm

Map showing all temples and important places near Sabarimala:
Ayyappa temple
Main temple of Lord Ayyappa

Kannimula Ganapati
Ganapati in Ayyappan temple

Pathinettam padi
The holy 18 steps to reach Ayyappa

Malikapuram temple
Shakti temple at Sannidhanam

Place of holy dip in Sabarimala
Sabari got solvation here

Makara jyothi darshanam

Starting point for trek to Pampa
Ayyappa temple& Vavar masjid
Perur thodu comes after this village

Beautiful & legendary Sabarimala forest

(Kala ketty)
Temple of Lord Shiva- Witness to the war between Ayyappa and Mahishi

Alasa river

Kaliidam Konnu
Place where the ďead body of Mahishi fell

Last stop before reaching Pampa river

Pamba Bustand
Parking area for vehicles extends from this place to Pamba river

Pampa river
Starting point to Climb Sabarimala

Pampa Ganapati
Temple of Lord Ganesh near Pampa

Holy travel to Sabarimala:step1

Holy travel to Sabarimala:step2

Sabari peedam
Holy travel to Sabarimala:step3

Holy travel to Sabarimala:step4

Saram kuthy
Holy travel to Sabarimala:step5
Finally we'll reach Main temple (Dharma sastha Sannidhanam)

Nearest Airport to Sabarimala
Other Airports: Kozhikode and Trivendram

Places of stay near Sabarimala-1
Important for Andhra and Kannada people

District capital
Places of stay near Sabarimala-2

Forest reserve
Places of stay near Sabarimala-3

Places of stay near Sabarimala-4

Places of stay near Sabarimala-5

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Sabarimala sightseeing:
Ayyappa templeKannimula GanapatiPathinettampadiMalikapuram temple

Pampa to Sannidhanam trek:
Pamba BusstandPampa riverPampa GanapatiNeelimala
AppachimeduSabaripeedamMarakkottomSaram kuthy

Erumeli to Pampa trek:
ErumeliPoomkavanamKalakettiAzutha medu

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Erumeli to Pampa trek and sightseeing

Postby Srihari on Fri Nov 21, 2008 10:16 pm

There are different routes to reach Sabarimala. Out of them the most traditional one is Erumeli route. It includes two treks. viz; 1. Erumeli to Pampa and 2. Pampa to Sannidhanam.

Erumeli to Pampa trek was followed by Lord Ayyappa himself when he went for Tiger milk. It is about 43K.M long with lots of natural beauty. Let's discuss important stops:

1. Erumeli:

Erumeli (Town of Mahishi) is the begining point for the trek.
Here Kanni Ayyappans (Pilgrims who took Mala dharana for the first time) and Kanni Maligapurams (Female pilgrims) perform Pettai Thullal. Petta thullal is a traditional dance performed in tribal dress with tribal music. It is believed to cut the ego which is the main obstacle to get the blessings of Ayyappa.
After performing the dance they refresh and visit the temple of Dharmasastha(Ayyappa) and Masjid of Vavar swamy (Lieutenant of Lord Ayyappa).

2. Perur thodu:

Peroor thodu is a small water stream comes just after crossing Erumeli. Lord Ayyappa took rest here when he went in this route. The forest after this is called as Poon kavanam / Poongavanam.

3. Kala ketty:

Kala ketty / Kaalai Katti is the temple of Lord Shiva. It comes after 10.K.M travel through the forest with full of Mulberry plantation. Here Lord Shiva tied his carrier, Ox and witnessed the Victory of Ayyappa over Mahishi.

4. Azutha / Azudha / Alasa:

Azutha is a tributary of Pampa river.It is comes after 2K.M journey from Kala ketty. People will take bath in this river. The hill beside it is called as Azutha hill. Climbing this hill is the most difficult part of the trek. The peak of the hill is called as Kallidam konnu / Kallidum kunru. The body of Mahishi fell here after thrown away by Ayyappa. Pilgrims took small stones from Azutha river and put them here so that Mahishi never raises again.

5. Inchipara kota / Injipparakottai:

A small temple Kotayil Sastha (Ayyappa) is present here. After this comes Udambara temple (a temple of forest god), Mukkuzhi (a place of stay). After Mukkuzhi we'll reach a small canal called Karivalam thodu (a stream of wandering elephants) which flows between Azutha and Karimala.

6. Karimala:

Karimala is very famous for its elephants. Here Pilgrims light crackers and camphor to protect themselves from the wild animals. An interesting spot to see here is Nazhikkinar. It is a well within a well with fresh spring like water. Three deities Karimalanthan, Kochukadutha Swamy and Karimala Bhagawathi are worshiped here. Treking Karimala is also very difficult. It is about 5.K.M long.

7. Valiana Vattom / Valiyana vattam & Cheriana Vattom / Siriyana vattam:

These are two place which come just before Pampa. Many people stay here as Pampa will be too crowded in peak times.

8. Pampa:

The holy Pampa river is the final stop for this trek. People will take holy bath and visit Pampa Ganapati to start climbing to Sannidhanam.

Pampa to Sannidhanam trek

Postby Srihari on Fri Nov 21, 2008 11:29 pm

Pampa to Sannidhanam trek is a must do in Ayyappa pilgrimage. There is no Ghat route from Pampa to the Ayyappan temple. It includes 4 important stops viz, Neelimala, Appachimedu, Sabaripeedom and Saram kuthy. It is about 8K.M long.

Pampa Annadanam: It is the feast offered by one pilgrim group to other group after reaching Pampa.

Pampa vilakku: On the Sunset all the surroundings of Pampa and cottages near by are decorated with lights to offer welcome to Ayyappa. It looks very beautiful.

Pilgrims will visit Kanni moola Ganapati at Pampa and start the trek. The first stop is at Pandala Raja temple to get Vibhuti as Prasadam which is believed as a permission from the king to go to Sabarimala. Then comes Neelimala which is a very steep hill. After crossing Neelimala, we'll reach Appachimedu which is the top of the hill. Climbing Appachimedu is the most difficult part of the trek. Sabari peedom / Sabari peetam is the place where Sabari did Tapasya. After this comes Saram kuthy al. Kanni swamis will pierce a small arrow (made up of bamboo) here. It is believed that Ayyappa told Malikapurattamman that he will marry her when no arrow is pierced there (i.e, when no new pilgrim comes to Sabarimala). Finally we'll reach the Sannidhanam (Presence of Ayyappa).

Ater reaching Sannidhanam, pilgrims will took holy bath in a small pond called Bhasmakulam. It is the place where Sabari got solvation. The final Holy 18 steps (Pathinettam padi) are ment for pilgrims only who took Mala dharana. Remaining pilgrims will raech the temple by different steps.

Swamy darsanam:

Ayyappa Darsanam is the goal of the entire trek. It can't be explained in words. The idol is very small and looks as if he is present as a small boy before us. SWAMIYE SARANAMAYYAPPA.

Malika puram temple is also present in the same campus.

Trek to Sabarimala

Postby hyderabadaccountant on Sat Nov 29, 2008 9:12 am

Could any one tell me the normal time it would take for trekking to Sabarimala from Erumeli ( pedda Padam). Also in the trek route do we get any facilities like availability of water, food, stay for the night etc?

Re: Trek to Sabarimala

Postby Admin on Sat Nov 29, 2008 9:44 am

We can reach Pampa with in 2 to 3 days. This includes worship at different temples and also rest. If one is younger and hurry he can chase it in a single day. But everything depends upon Guruswamy.

About the availability of food:

We can get local Kerala food. There will be small hotels called THAVALAMS. They serve Parathas and Rice porridge with Kerala pickels. Black tea & Black coffee (without milk), Lime juice and Pineapple slices are also available. We can find ample fresh water wells through out the way. We can stay in Thavalams at night.

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