Tungabhadra river map

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Tungabhadra river map

Postby Siva on Mon Dec 08, 2008 8:56 pm

Map showing sightseeing places around Tungabhadra river
Ganga moola
Also called as Tunga moola. This is the birth place of Tunga river, Bhadra river, And Nethravathi river
Chikmangulur distict > Karnataka > India

Chikmangulur district > Karnataka > India

Tunga bhadra reservoir
Near Bhadravathi > Karnataka > India

Tunga and Bhadra rivers join here and form Tunga-bhadra river
Shimoga distict > Karnataka > India

Harihareswar temple
Harihar > Davanagere district > Karnataka > India

Near Hampi > Bellary district > Karnataka > India

Tungabhadra dam
Near Hospeta > Karnataka > India

Virupaksha temple
Hampi > Bellary district > Karnataka > India

Near Hampi > Koppal district > Karnataka > India

Sri Raghavendra swamy
Kurnool district > Andrapradesh > India

Sunkesula project on Tungabhadra river
Kurnool > Andhrapradesh > India

Indravathi - Tungabhadra sangamam
Kurnool > Andhrapradesh > India

Bala Brahmeshwara swamy and Jogulamba [Listed in 18 Shaktipeethas]
Kurnool district > Andhrapradesh > India

Saptanadi Sangamam. Here Tungabhadra river merges with Krishna river
Kurnool district > Andhrapradesh > India

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Sightseeing around Tungabhadra
Ganga moolaShringeriTungabhadra reservoirKoodli
HariharAnkasamudramTungabhadra damVirupaksha temple
AnegondiMantralayamSunkesula projectKurnool
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Tungabhadra pushkaralu: sightseeing and tourist attractions

Postby Siva on Tue Dec 09, 2008 12:07 pm

Tungabhadra river is a holy river of South india. It passes across the deccan platue. Mythology says that Tunga panam is equal to Ganga snanam. That means, drinking Tungabhadra river water is as holy as taking bath in Ganga river. Tungabhadra Puskaralu will comes once in 12 years for a period of 12 days. This period is very holy to take bath in Tungabhadra river. Lakhs of People will dip in the river ghats to get rid off their sins. There are so many temples and historical places of interest around Tungabhadra river. This is a brief description of these temples.

Ganga moola / Tunga moola :
This is also called as Varaha parvata. This is the birth place of Tunga river, Bhadra river and Nethravathi river. Nethravathi river goes to west and merges in Arabian sea. Tunga river and Bhadra river goes in two seperate directions and joins at Koodli to form Tungabhadra river.

Shringeri :
It is on the bank of Tunga river and is famous for Shringeri Sharada muth.It is started by Adi Shankaracharya. When Adi shankaracharya was roaming in India he saw a snake protecting a pregnent frog here. He was inspired by that sean and started a muth and named it as Sharada muth. Rishya shringa also establishes Shrinkala mata here in the form of several local dieties.

Koodli :
This is the place where Tunga river and Bhadra river Combines to form Tungabhadra river.

Harihar :
Harihareswar temple is present here. In this temple Moola virat is in the combined form of Lord vishnu and Lord shiva.This previosly called as Guharanya and ruled by Guhasura.Lord Vishnu and Lord shiva combinely forms Harihar rupa and kílls Guhasura. From that onwards That place is called as Harihar.

Ankasamudram :
It is about 25 kms away from Hampi. Here we can see many monuments of Vijayanagara empire.

Virupaksha temple :
It is the main temple in Hampi. In this temple main Diety is Lord shiva in the form of Virupaksha. He is also called as Pampa pathi.
Pampa is another name of Tungabhadra river

Anegondi :
This the original capital of Vijayanagara kingdaom present in the north side of Tungabhadra river. Opposite this town there is a temple of Lord Vishnu called Vittala temple.

Mantralayam :
It is in the border of Andhrapradesh and Karnataka states. It is famous for Sri Guru Raghavendra swamy muth. Raghavendra swamy Samadhi is present here.

Kurnool :
It is a major city in Andhrapradesh , and it is the first capital of Andhrapradesh state. River Indravathi (Handri) meets Tungabhadra here.

Alampur :
Alampur is a small village near Kurnool [about 25 km away]. It is one of the 18 shaktipeethas. Jogulamba is the main diety here. Lord shiva is in the form of Bala Brahmeshwara swamy. This village is also called as City of Temples. The temples in that village has very beautiful sculputers. All the temples in the village are under control of Archeologica department.

Sangameswaram :
This is about 10 kms away from Alampur. This is the place where Tungabhadra river merges into Krishna river. This is a place of Saptanadi sangamam. A temple of Lord shiva called Sagameshwar is present here. But now it was covered by back waters of Srisailam dam. People can visit this temple when only the water level falls down.

Tungabhadra Pushkaras

Postby Admin on Tue Dec 09, 2008 1:18 pm

According to Indian Astrology Brihaspathi (Planet Jupiter) is also called as Jeeva (The one who gives life). He gives energy and activeness. It is believed that river Tungabhadra resembles Makara rasi (Capricorn of zodiac) and the time when Brihaspati enters Makara rasi is good to take holy bath in Tungabhadra. Though the entire year is holy for the sacred dips, the first and last twelve days are considered most important.
Tungabhadra Pushkarams in 2008 will commence on 9th December and run upto 20th December.

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