Godavari district temples map

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Godavari district temples map

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Map covering important temples and tourist attractions in Godavari districts
(Also includes Pancharamas map)

Amaralingeswara swamy, Amararamam > Amaravathi > Guntur district > Andhrapradesh

Buddha stupa
A very old Buddha stupa is present here. Dhathu of Lord Buddha was found here. Buddha told Kala chakra tantra here. Kala chakra festival also conducted here.

Ksheera Ramalingeswara swamy, Ksheeraramam >Palakollu > West Godavari district > Andhrapadesh

Someshwara swamy, Somaramam, Gunupudi
Bhimavaram > West Godavari district > Andhrapadesh

Mavullamma temple
A famous local Shakti temple in Bhimavaram
Bhimavaram > West Godavari district > Andhrapadesh

Chandra Kundam
A holy pond infront of temple.

Dwaraka Tirumala
Also called as Chinna Tirupathi
Near Eluru > West Godavari district > Andhrapradesh

Vasavi Kanyaka parameshwari temple
Penugonda > West Godavari district > Andhrapradesh

Kapardhiswara swamy temple
Tanuku > West Godavari district > Andhrapradesh

Danamma temple
Sri Daneswari temple
Duvva > Near Tanuku > West Godavari district > Andhrapradesh

Bhimeswara swamy
Draksharamam > Ramachandra puram > East Godavari district > Andhrapradesh

One of the 18 shakti peethas
Draksharamam > Ramachandra puram > East Godavari district > Andhrapradesh

Sapta Godavari Theertham

Lakshmi Narayana temple


Kumara Bhimeswara swamy , Kumararamam
Samarlakota > Near Kakinada > East Godavari district > Andhrapradesh

Kukkuteswara swamy
Lord shiva in the fom of kukkuta ie; cock
Pithapuram > Near Kakinada > East Godavari district > Andhrapradesh

0ne of the 18 shaktipeethas
Pithapuram > Near Kakinada > East Godavari district> Andhrapradesh

Sripada Vallabha temple
First avatar of Guru Dattatreya swamy
Pithapuram > Near Kakinada > East Godavari district > Andhrapradesh

Kunthi madhava swamy temple
One of the five madhava temples
Pithapuram > Near Kakinada > East Godavari district > Andhrapradesh

Pada gaya
A holy place for Sraadha karmas
Pithapuram > Near Kakinada > East Godavari district > Andhrapradesh

Sri veera venkata Satyannarayana swamy ,Ratnagiri
Annavaram > East Godavari district > Andhrapradesh

Sri Jaganmohini Keshava swamy temple
Near Ravulapalem > East Godavari district> Andhrapradesh

Sri Narasimha Swamy , On sea shore
Antarvedi > East Godavari district > Andhrapradesh

Koti lingala revu
Rajahmundry > East Godavari district > Andhrapradesh

Sri Bhavannarayana swamy temple
Kakinada > East Godavari district > Andhrapradesh

Shanishwar temple
Near Kothapeta > East Godavari district > Andhrapradesh

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Pancharamas :

  • Samaralkota
    Kumara Bhimeswara swami temple is present in this town. It is about 20 km ditance from Kakinada and about 1km distance from Samarlakota Railway station. It is a very old temple under the control of Archeological department. Lord Shiva is in the form of very big Shiva linga, and we can see Shiva linga through second flour. Kumara swami laid down Shiva Linga here, hence the name Kumararamam. Bala Tripura Sundari devi is the goddess here.
  • Draksharamam
    This is present near Ramachandrapuram. The temple is very big and has three circles as compounds. This is also under control of Archeolgical department. Lord Shri Rama worshiped Lord Shiva here. Next followed by Lord Surya and Indra. Manikyamaba devi, one of 18 shaktipeethas is present here. Vemulavada Bhima kavi, famous telugu poet, got boons from Bhimeswara swami here. Other holy places in this area are Sapta-Godavari-Theerth]Sapta Godavari theertham, Lakshmi-Narayana-temple]Lakshmi Narayana temple, Brahmakund]Brahmakund.
  • Palakollu
    Ksheera Rama Lingeswara swamy gave Sudarshana chakra to Lord Vishnu here. Upamanya Maharshi also got boons and milk from Lord Shiva here. Hence the name Ksheera (milk) Ramalingeswara swami. The temple is nearer to Bus stand. The temple Gopuram is very high and we can see it from bus stand. Parvathi is the goddess here.
  • Bhimavaram
    Someswara swami temple is present in Gunupudi. It is about 3 to 4 km distance from Bus stand. The temple looks as new one, and a holy pond (Chandra-kundam]Chandra Kundam) is present in front of the temple. Lord Chandra get rid of his sins here by worshiping Lord Shiva here. Hence the name Someswara swami. Shiva lingam change its color according to the lunar month (Black at the time of Amavasya, White at the time Pournami). Annapurna mata temple is present in the second floor. Famous local deity, Mavullamma temple is also present in Bhimavaram.
  • Amaravathi
    Amaravathi is present in Guntur district, on the bank of Krishna river. Where as remaining four are present in Godavai districts. Bus facility is so good, as all buses will go up to the temple. Amara Lingeswara swami is worshiped by Lord Indra here. The temple is old and in three circles with so many temples with in the compound. Bala Chamundeswari mata is the goddess here. Venu Gopala swami temple is also present with in the campus of main temple. Other places to see in this area are Buddha-stupa]Buddha stupa, Museum. Both are near Bus stand.

Temples in East Godavari district :
ManikyambaKukkuteswara swamyPuruhutikaSripada vallabha temple
Kunthi madhava swamy templePada gayaAnnavaramRyali

Temples in West Godavari district :
Mavullamma templeDwaraka TirumalaPenugondaTanuku
Danamma temple
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