Vrindavan map

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Vrindavan map

Postby Siva on Thu Jan 15, 2009 6:08 pm

Map showing all important temples, ashrams and sightseeing places in Brindavan:
Sri Ranganathji temple
Vrindavan > Near Mathura > Uttarapradesh
One of the 108 Divyadesams

Rangji temple
It is another important temple of Lord Sri Krishna

It is the holy place where Lord Sri Krishna plays Rasa leela with Gopikas

Gopeshwar temple
It is a temple of Lord Shiva. Gopeshwar mahdev Protects Vrindavan at the time of Rasa leela. He stops the entry of other male persons into Vrindavan. Only Lord Sri Krishna is Purusha, All remaining are Prakruti

Kesi ghat
Here Lord Krishna kílled a Demon called Kesi, Hence the name Kesi ghat.

Yamuna river
A holy river near Vrindavan. This river is a sister of Yama dharma Raja, Hence the name Yamuna. It looks Black in color and it merges with holy Ganges at Prayaga in Triveni Sangamam.

Radha Damodar temple
Radha is the main Shakti in Vrindavan. All people near Vrindavan use a local dialect: "Radhe, Radhe" to call another person. This shows the importance of Radha

Rupa sanathana Gaudiya math
Rupa Sanathana Goswamy is a great devotee of Lord Krishna.

Katyayini temple
Gopikas worshipped Katyayini mata to get Lord Krishna. Katyaini is considered as Krishna Maya, One of the 51 Shakti peethas

Govind kund
It is a holy Kund in Vrindavan

Govind debji temple
It is another important temple in Vrindavan

Railway station

Vrindavan parikrama marg

Madanmohan mandir
Founded by Sri 108 Sanatana Goswamy

Banke bihari mandir
This is one of the most famous temple of Lord Krishna in Vrindavan. The deity was worshipped by Sri Haridas maharaj

Radha vallabha temple

Seva kunja
Lord Krisna performs Rasaleela here with Radha

Nityananda vata vriksha

Radha ramana temple
Near Nidhuvan in Vrindavan

Kaliya ghat
Near Madan mohan temple

All markers were placed at most possible zoom level. You can always suggest better marking to improve map.

Vrindavan tourist attractions
Sri Ranganathji templeRangji templeNidhuvanGopeshwar temple
Kesi ghatYamuna riverRadha Damodar templeRupa sanathana Gaudiya math
Katyayini templeGovind kundGovind debji templeRailway station
Vrindavan parikrama margMadanmohan mandirBanke bihari mandirRadha vallabha temple
Seva kunjaNityananda vata vrikshaRadha ramana templeKaliya ghat
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Vrindavan parikrama marg

Postby Siva on Mon Jan 26, 2009 12:42 pm

This is the image showing the route of Vrindavan Parikrama marg. The parikrama route around Vrindavan is about 10 kms. There are so many inportant places that are covered in doing parikrama. They are Kaliya ghat, Madan mohan temple, Kesi ghat, Ramakrishna mission, Katyayini mata temple, Iskon temple etc.

Re: Vrindavan map

Postby Rudraksha on Mon Jan 26, 2009 11:04 pm

Wonderful Siva. Your Static map helps a lot for those who wish to do Pradikshana around Vrindavan. The better thing is you posted both the dynamic and static maps in the same page, so that we can compare them to get better understanding.

Vrindavan Travel info :

Nearest Bus stations : Vrindavan, Mathura
Nearest Railway stations : Vrindavan, Mathura
Nearest Airport : Agra

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