Ayodhya map

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Ayodhya map

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Map showing all important temples and tourist attractions in Ayodhya.
Lord Srirama's capital city. One of the seven mokshapuras, One of the 108 Divya desams. This is the place of dispute. Previously Babri Masjid is present here. But Hindus believe that this is Rama janma bhumi. Ayodhya > Uttar pradesh > India

Sarayu river
A holy river near Ayodhya.
Lord sri Rama voluntarly ends his avatara in this river. Pilgrims take bath here.

Lakshman khila
Fort of Sri Lakshman swamy, Brother of Sri rama.

Kanak bhavan
Kaikeyi constructed this building for Sita mata.

Rajdwar mandir
An important temple in Ayodhya.

Hanuman temple
The temple of Ram bhakta Hanuman in Ayodhya. Hanuman lived in this area.

Dasaradh mahal
Temple of Dasaradh maharaja, Father of Srirama.

Swami Narayan mandir
A famous temple in Ayodhya.

Raj sadan
This temple was constructed by Sudarshan maharaj, A great devotee of Jaganmata.

Valmiki ramayan bhavan
Temple of Lava and Kusha is also present here.

Tulasidas is agreat devotee of Lord sri rama. He wrote Ram charita manasa, a well famous book of Ramayan katha in Hindi.

Vibhishan kund
Vibhishan is the brother of Ravanasura, but he supported Srirama aginst his brother for Dhrama.

Ram katha park
It is a famous park in ayodhya.
Ramkatha museum is present here, which displays items related to Ramayan.

Vidya kund
It is present in outskrts of Ayodhya.

Mani parvat temple
Sawan mela jhoola is conducted here every year since Treta yuga.

Narayan ghat
People take holy bath in Saryu river on special occasions.

Ram ki paidi
Several ghats are present for pligrims to take holy bath.

Nageshwar mandir
This temple was built by Kusha, son of Srirama. He built this temple foa a Naga kanya, hence the name Nageshwar mandir.

Ayodhya bus tand
It is present near Ram katha park

Railway station
This is Railway station of Ayodhya.

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