Sandipani ashram - Ujjain

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Sandipani ashram - Ujjain

Postby Srihari on Thu Oct 16, 2008 12:29 pm


Sandipani ashram /Ankapat is the place where Lord Sri Krishna completed his education.


Northern corner of city Ujjain>Sandipani ashram.[map]


The ashram temple contains idols of Sandeepa maharshi, Lord Sri Krishna, Lord Bala Rama and Sudama.
There is a pond in the ashram, called as Gomati kund. Kundeshwar Shiva linga is present beside the pond. The idol of Nandi of this temple is very old.
Purushottam sagar /Sholah sagar is present near the ashram.
Seventy third Bithak of Maha prabhu Vallabhacharya is present here.

Sthala purana:

Once upon a time, Ujjaini faced a big drought. In those days, Jayatsena is the king of Ujjaini. Sandeepa maharshi came to Ujjaini in the occasion of Kumbha mela. The king requested Maharshi to do some remedy. Sandeepa maharshi prÄ…yed Lord Mahakaleshwar and relieved drought. He established an ashram to teach students.

Sri Krishna and Balarama came to the ashram run by Sandeepa maharshi. They requested him to take them as his students. Sandeepa maharshi trained them with Sudama and the sons of Jayatsena.

Sri Krishna and Bala rama learned Dhanurveda and Astras in sixty four days, Elephent and Horse training in twelve days and Vedas in fifty days. Lord Sri Krishna established Gomati kundam for Sandeepa maharshi.
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Origin of Gomati kund

Postby Admin on Sat Nov 21, 2009 6:05 pm

There is an interesting story behind the origin of Gomati kund at Sandeepani ashram.

Though Sandeepa maharshi settled in Ujjain on the request of King Jayatsena, he couldn't forget Gomati river, daily in Brahmi muhurta, he used to go to Dwaraka, to take a holy dip. Lord Srikrishna observed this. He thought of his Guru's interest and decided to take river Gomati to Ujjain. He dug a pond overnight, and asked Gomati mata to put her Kala into that. Next day, by the time Maharshi was going to bath, Gomati kund was ready. He was very much pleased by the devotion Srikrishna is showing towards him! Lord Srikrishna is the prime deity of "Vatsalya Bhakti"!!

Another important event occurred at Gomati kund is the origin of Bhagavadgita. Many people don't know this. One day Lord Shiva appeared beside the Gomati kund to see the divine leela Krishna is running as a student. He is called as Kundeshwar Mahadev. He taught Srikrishna, the essence of life, Gita.

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