Hyagreeva madhav

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Hyagreeva madhav

Postby Srihari on Tue Oct 28, 2008 11:30 am

The temple of Hayagreeva madhav is present on a small hillock, in a village named, Hajo. It comes in Guwahati sightseeing, towards the North-west of the city. [Map]

Kalika purana tells that, Vishnu in the form of Hyagreeva kílled the fever demon, Jwarasura at Munikuta parvata and took a recovery bath at Apunarbhava. As the name suggests, the one who takes bath in this pond will not have second birth even though he enjoys worldly things.

Yogini Tantra tells that king Indra dyumna saw a big tree in the dream floating by the sea shore. The next day morning he really saw that tree and with an axe he cut it in to seven pieces. Two of them were brought to Kama rupa and the idols of Hayagreeva(Who kílled the demon Hayagreeva and saved Vedas) and Madhava(Matsyavatara) are sculptured from them.

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Hyagreeva madhav
Hyagreeva madhav temple : front view
Hyagreeva madhav temple : back view
Hyagreeva madhav temple interior
Lord Narasimha at the entrance of Hyagreeva madhav

Kedareswara temple at Hajo:

A temple of Lord Kedareswara is also present at Hajo.
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Ashwaklanta temple

Postby nvm on Tue Oct 28, 2008 11:53 am

Ashwaklanta (Ashwakranta) is an important Vaishnava shrine situated on the northern bank of the river Brahma putra, opposite to Gauhati.[Map]

The temple contains the idol of Anantha sayana Vishnu, with Brahma in a lotus came out from his navel. Maha maya, the two demons Madu, Kaitabhas and two rows of Naga kanyas are present in the temple.

Lord Sri Krishna came to kíll Narakasura, with an army ascended by horses. This is the place where he camped his army and stabled his horses, before starting the battle. Lord Sri Krishna also established Dwiteeya Gaya by placing his foot print here.

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Main idol in Ashwaklanta temple
Lord Sri Krishna in Ashwaklanta temple
Ashwaklanta temple
Ashwaklanta temple
Kurma Janardhan temple at Ashwaklanta
Vishnu pada at Ashwaklanta (Dwiteeya Gaya)

Pandunath near Guwahati

Postby Srihari on Thu Nov 06, 2008 11:02 am

Pand unath / Pandava nath is one of the very important sightseeing places near Guwahati. It is the place Lord Vishnu kílled the two demons Madhu and Kaitabha. A temple of Lord Ganesh in five forms is also seen here. It is told thst Pandavas at the time of Aranya-vasa came here and worshiped this Ganesh murthi and climbed Kamakhya through this route.[Map]

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pandunath: Lord Madhusudan
The real Vishnu Chakra used to kíll Madhu Kaitabhas
Sculptures of Surya and Chandra near Pandunath
River Brahma putra near Pandunath remembering the Ananta Jalanidhi at the time of Srishti.

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